how much does going to university cost ??



  • crana999
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    dub-ztar at around £10000 a year ... but crana999 , your figures look extremely low ?? under £5000 for 3x8 = 24 weeks .

    reason i'm looking for comparisons is that our son is going through over £15000 a year just for uni time and says its impossible to reduce .

    That sounds crazy for your son!!

    Okay, I'll go through the figures one by one for you if you want.. :)

    Fees - £1125 a year (will go up slightly each year) - this is the maximum you can have to pay as a "home" student

    Rent - £61.80 a week, paid for 9 weeks a term (27 weeks a year) - £1668.60. This is for a single room in college with shared bathroom and kitchenette.

    Kitchen fixed charge - this is £103 a term so £309 a year.

    Electricity - my last college bill was £11 for electricity for that term. I budget £15/term. - £45/year. Other bills (water, background heating etc) are included in my rent.

    Internet - £20 /term for connection to the college network (with internet access). £60/year

    Food - I normally spend about £10/week but budget £15, so £405 for 27 weeks.

    Books - I have budgeted £100/year, most of which I have probably spent, but I shouldn't need to buy more books for the rest of the year (I hope). This may well be higher in later years (I'm a 1st year) but I use the library, get books 2nd hand etc.

    Clothes - £100 - this is a bit of a guess, and it's only for termtime. Having said that, I don't buy many clothes and I normally get them 2nd hand/in the sales etc. I had to pay £40 for an academic gown and £10 for a lab coat this year, but those should be one-offs (will probably rent a hood for graduation, not sure)

    Transport - boyfriend normally comes to visit every 2 weeks, the tickets about £18. less if there is a special offer on. 3 visits a term, with the cost shared between us, is £27/term for me. Mum / dad take me to/from uni at the start and end of each term free ;) (I have to empty my room every time, so I can't really come home on the bus)

    Going out - I budget £15/week for this - this includes alcohol / eating out. none of my friends have loads of cash to throw around, and we also all have a lot of work because of the way my uni works, so I normally only go out once or twice a week. sometimes we'll go to a club or a pub that does nice food, sometimes we go to a play in college or to formal hall (a 3 course meal served in college), or just sit around and chat and have a couple of drinks. I go out to eat as a mystery shopper when I can! :D

    Mobile - I don't actually know how much I spend on my mobile. I didn't keep very good tabs last term, and mum bought me some credit.. so this is a guess. I think it will be less this term than last because I'll have settled in better and not need as many calls home ::)

    Laundry - normally do a wash every 2 weeks or so, the washers hold a lot of clothes for just me! £1/wash, I have a drying rack in my room, so 50p/week - £13.50/year

    Stationary/stamps - this is just a guess really, I don't buy a lot of this. Might be higher once you include things you only buy occasionally like printer paper/cartridges.

    Toiletries - I have enough of these to last me an awfully long time ::) without buying new ones. so 50p/week seems fair enough.

    These aren't pie-in-the-sky figures, they're based on spending diaries from last term.
  • crana999 .. much appreciate you taking the time to give me that detail... thanks
  • zcaprd7
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    It sounds like your son is taking the mick?

    Just pay his actual bills (rent, food etc) - he can use a student loan for his beer/clothes/mobile money!

    Its what my Dad did and to be honest I was grateful for that (I was at UCL in London).

    Don't forget he is supposed to be learning how to manage his finances away from home as well as get a degree? He better get a 2:1 as well at that price!
  • totally agree !!
  • crana999
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    It sounds like your son is taking the mick?

    Just pay his actual bills (rent, food etc) - he can use a student loan for his beer/clothes/mobile money!

    I think that's being pretty generous in fact. I doubt most of his friends' parents are doing that much.

    I don't think my budget is that unrealistic, and it could be lower if I cut down on going out and ate less healthily (and if I had better kitchen facilities ::) ). Obviously rent etc is going to be higher in some places, but mine isn't that low for a single room & shared facilities.

    I only get the minimum loan, so my budgeted spending is £1404 a year more than my loan - this is made up from holiday work, and all the little things that add up - mystery shopping, eBay, surveys, being a research subject!! - and so on. (and some comes from my savings from working before I went to uni)

    My parents have offered to pay my rent for the first year. apart from that I'm on my own - they already pay for my food, accommodation etc when I'm at home, why should they have to subsidise me otherwise?!

    They would give me more if I asked ofr it but I feel bad about taking it. Obviously your son doesn't!

    Has he given you any kind of breakdown of where this 15k vanishes to? If not, I think you should ask for one..?

    He would have to be earning nearly £20k gross a year to get £15k net!!
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    £15k per year, and impossible to reduce?

    I support a wife and two kids on just over that!

    The last figures the NUS dished out indicated an average level of debt of around 13k on graduation, averaging £4,300 debt per year, presuming most have some kind of employment, perhaps earning another £5k a year?

    That makes £9,300 a year for spending, and knowing what my students (I work at a uni) spend thats a hell of a lot of beer hes going through.
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    I just had another thought. Given that his spending is way over what most students spend, is it possible that he has some kind of problem with drugs, gambling or similar?

    I mean, it's definitely possible that he's just high maintenance..but is there a chance that he could have an expensive addiction to something other than shopping?
  • i totally agree with you all.... i am totally oppossed to what is going on.... and this excludes a car... and clothes and time not at uni.
    It is the other half who is allowing this to go on ... and believes all is fine.

    That's why i'm looking for factual help and guidance from you guys.... i have looked on the internet but find very little in the way of real numbers.
  • well i started uni this yr and my costs are very low. i'm scottish so my tuition fees are paid for me. i dont drink alcohol either which is good cos its expensive and pointless. plus i live at home.

    travel: £350
    food: £600-700
    socialising: £150 (i have a snapfax!)
    clothes: £850

    plus i got a 2 grand bursary no student loan and i also have a part time job.
  • stuwilky
    stuwilky Posts: 297 Forumite
    Having thought about your dilemma, is it worth asking your son to account for this money?

    How much is being spent on what?

    15k in 9 months - i cant get over that!!
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