Are 24 month contracts really that bad?

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    i have just purchased an N900 - it's currently sitting in the post office as i wasn't in when they attempted delivery.

    Reading the OP's needs for an email/call centred phone i would not recommend the N900 to them. It is a very immature device and has too many bugs just now - including Mail for Exchange. These may or may not be fixed with the rumoured firmware update.

    A blackberry would probably be the best solution in this case.

    The N900's strengths lie in the browser and (potential) applications which the OP has shown no desire to have.

    As far as 24 month contracts go i think they are a good idea if you want a high end device and don't have the cash to lay out up front to pay for it. I would prefer 12 month contracts again but the deals just aren't there now. I went for an 18 month contract and paid a little upfront for the phone.

    The deal i took was based on the cost over the length of contract which i will hopefully be able to reduce further by going to a lower contract after 9 months - anyone know if Vodafone still let you do this?
    Nice and honest post.. I have to agree that the n900 prob is an awesome phone but not for me. Either way i've gone with the bold9700. I think its a good deal, im a student so the last thing i want is to go over my bill, so even though its £30 a month, its unlikely i'll ever exceed my limit of mins etc.

    Just out of curiosity, how much was the total cost over the length of the contract (how much did you work it out to be)? Mine's £720 over 24m and although relatively high compared to cashback deals, its not bad given the allowence I get.
  • total cost over the 18 months is £600 (£30/month plus £60 for the handset)

    Not a lot of calls and texts but i mainly use internet so more than enough for me.
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    total cosyt here 240 quid and the list of extras is endless;)
    `1100 mins or texts, 300 free calls to 3 network phones, 2400 free minutes to landlines, free internet and blackberry services all for 20 quid a month free handset.

    i got then a insurance for it, for 6 quid a month , so including insurance its 310 in total.

    3 reception is all fine , i call my mates or workers on o2 or wodafone and too many times i only manage to get through their voicemails
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    Jakg wrote: »
    No, they dont. Lets not open this chesnut again.

    In fact this is totally true, we are apart of the European union right, so this applies.
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    ukbill69 wrote: »
    In fact this is totally true, we are apart of the European union right, so this applies.

    It's a directive which implies the minimum standard for consumer protection laws.

    The 2 years is not a "warranty" in the way you might expect - it means you have 2 years to prove it's an inherent manufacturing fault, as a pose to just taking it back and saying "fix it guv"
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