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I wonder if anyone can advise me.
I sold a nintendo ds game on ebay before christmas, buyer emailed to say he had received game and thanks but the cover appeared to be copied! I emailed back and said I wasnt aware of this and that the game was fine as both my daughter and I had both played it. Now I have received an abusive email saying that it doesnt work and it is fake. I know that ti was fine when I sent it and worked perfectly on my ds as we had saved games on the cartridge.
What do I do?
I offered a refund if he sent the game back to me and I can try it in my ds.
What happens if he chooses to go to ebay with this do I have to refund as I will loose the money and the game?
I know that its not fake but how can I prove that!
any advise would be gratefully appreciated.:confused:


  • If she opens a paypal dispute she will be given 10 days to prove its fake. She will need a letter from a manufacturer or supplier. If she does she will get a refund and be told to destroy the item. If you know its not a fake you have made a fair offer I would stick with that offer
  • Thanks for the reply thats great news.
  • If you bought the game at a high street shop you can be sure it is genuine, if you bought it at the local car boot then it could well be fake.
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    I've had fake games off E-Bay, and off PlayTraders. They're hard to spot sometimes unless you know what you're looking for. The sellers both gave me my money back, but I was still down the postage it cost me to send back, and one of them kept selling their current stock of games, despite them having agreed they were pirated.

    Yes, the game might work - the one I had did, but it was obviously pirated, and I wasn't going to pay good money for a dodgy copy. Here's a link to a few pics of both of the dodgy cartridges I got.

    One dead giveaway in both cases was that doing a google search for the number on the front of the cartridge revealed that the number was assigned by Nintendo to a completely different game.
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