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Hospital transport costs

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We have "adopted" an 80 yr old, partially sighted granny. Where is the best place to check on her eligibility for benefits etc. We are especially looking for hospital transport fees.



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    bryanbbryanb Forumite
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    edited 12 December 2009 at 9:54PM for benefits. Some areas have "Hospital cars" driven by volunteers, check with the hospital or local council etc.
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    Well done for caring for your "adopted" granny!

    Age Concern have advisors who will help. They have a broad, overall viewpoint and will look at all needs, not just benefits, eg she may enjoy going out to an Age Concern day centre or join a lunch club.

    You could get as assessment done as a carer. Contact Social Services.

    If there are no close relatives, see if she wants to list you at her GPs and the hospital as the people to contact if she has problems.
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    If the lady had genuine mobility problems her GP can authorise Hospital Transport for her, either a car or an ambulance which ever is more appropriate.. but it is difficult to get as they only have a small budget for this and will try to put people off if they can. There is also a lot of waiting around as obviously they have to run journeys with full vehicles if possible..
    If that is not possible then she may be able to claim travelling expenses back from the hospital
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  • Aw bless - you've adopted a granny! That's so sweet of you. I'm sure she's very grateful... hope you manage to get her sorted!
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    bryanb wrote: »
    Some areas have "Hospital cars" driven by volunteers, check with the hospital or local council etc.
    Some areas have volunteer car services which don't just do hospital trips! They're an absolute lifeline for my mum - she's very deaf and struggles with taxis because if she asks to go to a particular place she can't always hear what the driver is saying ("Sorry luv, don't go sarf of the river at this time of night")

    With the volunteer car service, she can email a week ahead to ask for a particular journey, and they reply after a couple of days confirming who the driver is. The driver knows where she's going, and how long she'll be if they are bringing her back.

    Cheaper than a taxi too ... I should stress this isn't a free service, and the hospital run one might not be either.

    The hospital transport mentioned by tanith would be free, but does have all the disadvantages she mentioned. Dad would sometimes use that, and it could mean being picked up very early in the morning, driven all round the countryside filling the vehicle, then waiting around at the hospital to be brought back, followed by another trip round the countryside. Very tiring and not always comfortable.
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    Just some quick info on Hospital Transport, most hospitals offer Transport and it is free but the patient does need to have a medical need to have transport offered and normally you have to be ready and waiting for 2 hours before your appointment time and can wait for a couple of hours after before being brought home, saying that they do a wonderful job and it is the Ambulance service who do the Transporting. Your GP can arrange it in the first instance then ask when you go in to see whoever for your transport to make sure it is put down for your next visit if needed. Hope this helps
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