Is it wrong to be looking forward to a BR Christmas?

Hello all,

I was cycling home from work this morning and saw all the peoples decorations and nice trees and all that. Just struck me for the first time in a few years I am not dreading Christmas. It's not christmas itself, it's the horrible feeling in January when the bills come rolling in. It did affect my christmas when I was spending, what I now see, as stupid sums on presents, food, drink etc.

Now I don't have kids so I know it is different for me, but this year for the first time in years I have manged to get the few presents I do get for family really cheaply by actually thinking it through, shopping around etc etc. See BR really has taught me a lesson!

Was just wondering what Christmas is like for the Bankrupts out there? Whatever you end up doing I hope its a magical time for you and yours :beer:


  • scot88
    scot88 Posts: 351 Forumite
    I know just what you mean ! After worrying for the last4 years was made BR just a few days ago and even the thought of answering the door and the phone again has made my Christmas so much easier. My family know I wont be buying presents this year, but spending time together is much more important.

    Amiga all the best to you and yours.
  • fatou256
    fatou256 Posts: 1,289 Forumite
    hi amiga like you i am not dreading anymore christmas because what I spend is what I can afford and i dont worry anymore about Credit card bill, overdraft who need to be repaid etc... . i think once you are Br you realize that christmas well it is not about the gift but to see your family and have a nice time and a few drinks along the way lol
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  • Bethankim
    Bethankim Posts: 1,030 Forumite
    Nope not wrong at all, i have a set amount - annoyingly cant buy anything for my DS til the 23rd when i next get my benefit..shame i had to use my christmas stash for a council tax and rent bill..grrr however whoop i had the £180 saved up so all is not lost just means i have no money for extras.

    my fmaily are all getting little bits and pieces and my DS knows my limit is £80 and thats it. the relief of knowing i have no big nasty bills to face and i dont owe a bean is marvelous.

    I am going to start a little savings account with my local credit union in jan so next year i have it all saved up.

    I dont have much, and despite all of my lifes difficulties this blessed.

    I hope you have a lovely christmas this year
    BR 2nd April 2009
    Feel the fear and do it anyway!

  • dojoman
    dojoman Posts: 12,027 Forumite
    With only just going BR, Christmas has not really entered my head, but like everyone says, it will be nice not having to worry about paying the bills after it is over. Hope everyone has a great Christmas and hopefully a great new year..
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    and WISE too late!
  • Hiya amiga glad to hear your good!

    is it wrong? most definatley NOT i'm on my 3rd bankrupt christmas soon & they get better every year...I never thought i'd be saving something every week away just for the nice feeling you get paying cash!

    be looking forward to the next one as well seeing as it'll be our 1st childs 1st chrimbo in 2010!
    We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will
  • Bethankim
    Bethankim Posts: 1,030 Forumite

    now that will be a fabulous DS is a grumpy grinch these days lol but he is 16
    BR 2nd April 2009
    Feel the fear and do it anyway!

  • philnicandamy
    philnicandamy Posts: 15,685
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    Ahh....16 hmm said to my OH hopefully he'll be leaving then! if not i'll advertise him on Ebay
    We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will
  • Amiga
    Amiga Posts: 241 Forumite
    Don't reckon the demand is there for 16 year old teenage boys Phil :P

    You will need a LOW reserve me thinks :rotfl:

    Wow this post looks slighty odd if taken in the wrong context :rotfl:
  • Dan_1976
    Dan_1976 Posts: 943 Forumite
    LEts get this back on track lol!

    I went BR Dec last year, and yesterday I was automatically discharged! Whhoooopp!

    Feels great and I am really looking forward to christmas. Last year was good all things considered!

    This year will be great. We have not gone ott, we have no credit cards, its been tight but no debt to worry about! Next year will be better as I am going to start saving in Feb!

    Merry xmas!
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  • Bethankim
    Bethankim Posts: 1,030 Forumite
    :rotfl:it does, but it is nice to have a giggle too, in between the practical support the odd giggle does us the world of good too.

    Apparently according to him, im allowed to get christmasy again when i become a granny..lordy im not even 40 yet..:eek:
    BR 2nd April 2009
    Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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