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Vibrating Mat?

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shauniebabeshauniebabe Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Over 50s Money Saving

Couold anyone tell me anything about this vibrating mat for want of a better description that helps the elderly excersise and stops pain in the legs?

Its around £199!



  • gatitagatita Forumite
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  • Hi,

    Yeah i think thats it but he said something about a 6 month money back deal so it may be a different one!

    Anyone had any experience of them?
  • ErrataErrata Forumite
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    How about tallking to the health professional who is being consulted for the leg pain ? Leg pain can have a great many causes and the vibrator may not always be appropriate.
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  • retiredladyretiredlady Forumite
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    I bought a vibrating cushion a couple of years ago for £12 and used it for me feet and legs. Does the job just as well and saves you a couple of hundred quid! Hope this helps someone!
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  • daskadaska Forumite
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    Just found this thread and I know it's a bit old but I thought it was worth pointing out that the circulation booster mentioned above does not actually vibrate.

    What happens is that it passes a mild electrical current through your feet to stimulate the calf muscles. The legs are often referred to as your 'second heart' because using them, especially the calf muscles, helps move the blood around the body. If it helps, think of the ads you used to see for 'slendertone' with the muscles being electrically stimulated via pads.
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  • MojisolaMojisola Forumite
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    I've got one of these - Circulation Booster V3. There are others on the market and I don't know how good those are but I've been very pleased with my one.

    If you're well enough to get out and walk, I would say that would be the best option but if not, this machine does get your muscles working. Like daska says, it's really a giant TENS machine and it does have pads you can use on other parts of the body for pain relief but I've never used them.

    It helped me after an injury left me with a very swollen knee and another relative with poor circulation has used it and found it helpful. It's also very relaxing and restful so it's good for people who get aching feet after having to stand all day.
  • I have the circulation booster and it is excellent. The achy legs are no more and neither are the swollen ankles and patches that were starting to appear. It is worth every penny. My dh also uses it after certain exercise (he is an athlete)and also to help the blood flow to a damaged knee cartilage
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