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Great 'Best Christmas Recipes' Hunt



  • MoaningMyrtle
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    If you are planning on making braised red cabbage, it is best to make it a day or two before you want it. Saves time, as you just reheat it. Finely slice one red cabbage. Put in saucepan or slow cooker Add large knob butterAdd one chopped apple - doesn't matter which typeAdd dried cranberries or raisins of you wishAdd mug of waterAdd Brown sugar and red wine vinegar - A tablespoon of eachCook 30-40 minutes of as long as you have in slow cooker
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  • JillS_2
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    This makes a nice change and seems easy to do, but due to allergy can the egg be substituted without spoiling it please?

    Yes. I've moistened it with just stock at least once. You don't even use a whole egg in it so the egg doesn't contribute much to the overall effect. The main use of the egg is just to help the ingredients stick together so I think that you could use anything you fancy that will achieve that and improve or at least not detract from the flavour.
  • Maple Roast Parsnips!!! they are just divine!!!, al you do is cut up your parsips, slosh on some maple syrup (I know its a little expensive but this is xmas!!!) and bung in the oven on a high temp for a bout 20 mins, yum
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  • For really tasty roasters chuck a few unpeeled garlic cloves in the pan with the potatoes before you put them in the oven and sprinkle with some garlic salt.

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    When roasing your potatoes (preferably in goose or duck fat) 10 minutes before they are cooked, sprinkle lightly with cornmeal (sometimes called polenta or maizemeal) to give a lovely golden colour and great crunch.

    Or Semolina sprinkled on does just as well.
  • Hubby has always hated sprouts, now I have to do this recipe every year as he can't get enough! The recipe originally had vermouth but I didn't have any, so the only white spirit I had was tequila, gives them a good kick.

    25g butter, 900g sprouts (trimmed and halved), salt & pepper, 1 tbsp caraway seeds, 3 tbsp tequlia/vermouth

    Heat butter in frying pan over medium heat. Add sprouts and season. Cook stirring for 3 minutes. Add seeds and when sprouts look charred add tequila/vermouth. Cook, stirring, over high heat for 1 minute.
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  • did anyone take down Jamie Olivers soup recipie from last weeks show....tried to find online but no success so far. It had coconut milk in?
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  • dont worry found it....I bought the magazine (v poor and wont buy again). Going to cost me about £10 for the pot of soup too!! Who knew coconut milk was so expensive??
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  • mum2one
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    dont worry found it....I bought the magazine (v poor and wont buy again). Going to cost me about £10 for the pot of soup too!! Who knew coconut milk was so expensive??

    Have you got a Netto near you, brought some coconut milk quite cheaply b4 from there, can't remember how much sorry.x
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  • carolinosourus
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    dont worry found it....I bought the magazine (v poor and wont buy again). Going to cost me about £10 for the pot of soup too!! Who knew coconut milk was so expensive??

    In order to save you a bit of money it might be better for you to buy coconut cream, I've started doing this as I have a lovely recipe which only uses half a tin of coconut milk and I kept chucking loads of it away as I wasn't using it. Coconut cream comes in a solid block and you only grate what you need from it, then you put it in the fridge and it keeps for ages. I've just had a look on the Sainsbo website and the prices are:

    £1.59 for a 400ml tin of coconut milk
    £0.71 for a 200g block of coconut cream

    You add 400mls of water to each 100gs of coconut cream, so out of a block you get 800mls of coconut milk which is the equivalent to 2 tins of coconut milk for £0.71! Or one tin for £0.35 (which is about a quarter of the price of a regular can)! And it keeps if you're not using all of it at once so doubly MSE!

    This was a tip recommended to me by an MSE user but I can't for the life of me remember who it was...
    :D**Thanks to everyone on here for hints, tips and advice!**:D
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