Grab a 'free' car sticker

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    anniecave wrote: »
    stamps are 61p first class or 47p second class for an A4 envelope (large letter)

    not quite sure where 42p or 52p comes from?
    Most likely the old price of them when they last did the car stickers.
  • pkempcpkempc Forumite
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    I'm going to put one on my house front door to hopefully deter the plague of NPower salesmen/women who are under the mistaken belief that I'm the only one missing out on their incredible energy price offers......not!
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  • Got my sticker today, it only took 2 weeks second class both ways.

    It looks good and it feels good to me to have something that I have suggested as a possible slogan actually put into production.

    Actual size by the way is 270mm x 64mm so a smaller envelope than that suggested is possible if you can get one.
  • ValliValli Forumite
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    torbrex wrote: »
    When an A4 size envelope is asked for what size is that?
    Is it the size of an A4 sheet of paper when flat?

    I thought envelope sizes were C-something.

    For a sheet of FOLDED A4 you need a DL size envelope (that's A4 folded in 3.) C6 would be A4 folded into 'quarters'.
    Other than that they are sized in C, you're quite right, Braveheart.
    so the equivalent for an unfolded piece of A4 is C4...

    I'm a bit of a stationery geek. I shall send for one ASAP.

    And CONGRATULATIONS on having YOUR slogan chosen, Torbrex!
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    Thank you Honey Bear
  • Sunshine12Sunshine12 Forumite
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    think its a bit of a naff slogan. preferred the screw them one i think. ;)
  • It took an eternity (over 3 weeks) to get to me but I finally got my sticker today and is proudly displayed on the car.

    Thank you !
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    Hi martin, about that car sticker,...what about, TURN YOUR HEATING UP AND YOUR BILLS DOWN, MONEY SAVING EXPERT.COM....:j Thanks for all the advice, you have saved me a bunch and opened my eyes to a few things too, much appriciated..sue walker, expected to see you on skating on ice when i heard there was a gmtv celebrity going on the skates, never mind good luck to hilary he is a champxxxxxxxxxxx:Dsue
  • linnilinni Forumite
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    I like it, I'm going to send off for one.
  • Sunshine12 wrote: »
    think its a bit of a naff slogan. preferred the screw them one i think. ;)

    I think a better one would be
    "I've upped my income. Up yours !!"
  • I love the old ones..... I don't think I will be ordering one. Won't be seen dead with one of those.
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