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    When I earned £900 per month I paid my mum £150 per month. That was from the age of 18 and I never quibbled the amount as if you look at bedsits they are more expensive than that. My mum bought all the food but I cooked if necessary & did my own ironing.
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    I always asked for - and got 25% - regardless of how much cooking washing etc. to my mind - this allowed them 75% to budget for their own essentials - clothes etc.
    my youngest often used to slip me extra, and he earned the least of the three!

    as my three kids were on different pay scales - i found that a percentage was fairer on them - not so fair on me - but i could live with that!
  • Im 29 and I used to give my mom £50 per week (10 years ago) but I was on a fairly low paid job.

    on another note though I would say at 23 and 29 they are old enough to do their own ironing and washing (and cooking for the family occassionally!!) otherwise they will never want to leave!!!!!
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