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  • Spikey_2
    Spikey_2 Posts: 14,119 Forumite
    Thanks Martin, you really are a star

    Would love to thank you personally one day on behalf of my wee 10 month old son and I. He'll ultimately benefit directly from your tips and brilliant website. Times are hard but they wouldve been harder if it werent for my job as a nurse, my family and the terrific contributers on this site xxxxx

    Take care, you'll get your rewards in heaven, RESPECT!!!!!You're a good man
    H x

    :j :j :j :j :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :T :T :T :T :A :A :A :A
    Use your judgement, and above all, be honest with yourself. :)
    I walk with the world & the world walks with me!
    I don't make bad choices!!! Other people just fail to see my GENIUS !!!! :D
  • cheekeemonkey
    Thanks Martin

    Last time I missed out due to work commitments - by the time I logged on all had been taken. Luckily, a kind MSE'r sent me their copy.... :T

    ....and this time I was on holiday (@ Centerparcs with a £100 discount gained from this site!) and thought I'd missed it again ( :mad: )

    The 2pm link go-live was probably the saviour so thanks again... :beer:

    Failure is not in falling down but in not getting back up again
  • wannabedebtfreebeth
    Thanks, MArtin - look forward to reading this. :T
    £2 saver club £16 so far!! - it's growing!!! :j

    #3 in the £30 k in 2 years on e-bay club :T

    Olympic Challenge - target £3000
  • Middlestitch
    Middlestitch Posts: 1,486 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    Still some available as I write...
  • across
    across Posts: 1,648 Forumite
    Thanks Martin!
    I cant wait to read it i am mad about moneysaving at moment!!!!!!!!!!
    keep up good work!:j
  • savvy
    savvy Posts: 31,128 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper First Post Photogenic
    YAY I managed to order one cheers! :beer:
    Honorary Northern Bird bestowed by Anselm
    I'm a Board Guide and volunteer to help get your forum questions answered and keep the forum running smoothly on Special Occasions, Green/Ethical, Motoring/Overseas/UK Travel & Flood boards, it's not part of my role to deal with reportable posts. Report inappropriate or illegal posts to forumteam@moneysavingexpert.com. Views are MINE & not official MSE ones ;)
  • fairylights_2
    Good grief! I figured they'd be all gone by now, but apparently not! Looking forward to this, I rather enjoyed the last one!
    Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 002 :rotfl:
  • willow_girl
    willow_girl Posts: 103 Forumite
    Forgot about this one but still managed to order one! Thanks Martin :T
    MFiT-T2 No.35
  • steviehudds
    steviehudds Posts: 23 Forumite
    Thanks Martin
    I didnt think i would get one but i did!!!!!!!
  • voucher_queen_3
    it loos like it is still available - thank you martin
    I want to...........?
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