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IVA approved: please help with problems

I have very recently, last few days, had my IVA proposal approved which has been a big relief. Please could I ask you all a couple more questions? Apologies for long post.

1. Just got in from work to find a letter from Egg stating they have been notified that my IVA has been approved, and saying....

" under the terms of your credit card agreement we now require payment from you of the full amount that you owe us which currently stands at ( approx £2K) ...we will be liasing with the appointed Insolvency practitioner for payment of this sum. However we reserve the right to contact you regarding this matter should we require any further information"

I'm confused as I thought I'm not (now that IVA approved) allowed to pay any creditor anything other than the IVA payments via my IP? I also thought that I wasn't supposed to speak to/contact creditors directly?

2. I've also had a look, after the Egg letter, at the online Insolvency Register and found that my former married surname has been included on my entry. I have been divorced for 11 years. My IP had asked for divorce decree copies as proof of change back to birth surname as part of the information gathering process. My ex husband was violent: my children and I have had no conact with him for 13 years, and now online there is a record of my full address. My former married surname is unsuual enough to identify me completely alongside DOB.

I'm frightened have woken up kids and gone to friends for the weekend. Can't believe all this has come back to bite me again, financial problems also pretty much stemmed from it.

Please does anyone know if I could ask for this former surname to be taken off the record. I understand why there has to be public access to the record and am not quibbling over this. I must be stupid as it had never occurred to me that former married surname would appear. Who would I ask : IS direct? or IP?

Thanks in advance.


  • trudij
    trudij Posts: 1,905 Forumite
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    Oh heck, what a horrible shock that must have been for you. I dont know where the law stands for that - your IP is the best bet to ask Id have thought - and you definately arent stupid, it wouldnt have occurred to me either !!!

    As to the egg letter - when you are on to your IP about the name thing, check with them. It sounds to me like a standard letter - my IP jjust told me to send everything I got sent over to them and let them deal with it all.

    Big hug - hope you get sorted

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  • balmk
    balmk Posts: 624 Forumite
    It souns like a last desperate attempt to try and get all their money back; you now have a legally binding agreement (which they have also agreed to) and cannot chase you for any monies which have been made part of that agreement as the payment terms have now formally been agreed.

    Send the letter on to your IP, along with any further correspondence that you recieve from them (if any).

    I kept getting chasing letters for about 3 months after my IVA was approved, so just sent them onto my IP to deal with.

    Hope that helps - it does get easier as you get into the swing of it. The first couple of months will be a period of adjustment, but you will be fine.

    The best piece of advice that I had was to remember that the IP works for YOU. If you have any questions/hassle/uncertainty, their job is to do the best by you whilst making sure that the agreement is kept to by all parties.
  • lou756
    lou756 Posts: 31 Forumite
    Thank you both for replying, support much appreciated. I will be ringing IP first thing on Monday.
  • lou756
    lou756 Posts: 31 Forumite

    still struggling to sort this one out...

    please does anyone know for sure whether the Insolvency Register entries show up via internet search engines like Google if asearch is done using a name?

    thank you all in advance.
  • Charco_2
    Charco_2 Posts: 1,677 Forumite
    I would find this rather unlikely... and if it does bring up the Insolvency register then is not likely to be that noticable! (i mean hidden somewhere on page 30 of 3000 pages)...

    Have you typed your name in to Google to see if you can find the insolvency register entry? I'd have thought you'd have to be typing your name into the
    Insolvency register website to find any meaningful results!

    I'll ask around though tomorrow and come back!

    Basically though, companies pay lots of money to be placed near the top of search engine results pages - either through sponsored sites or by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)... you're probably as likely to find a company selling your name as you are to find yourself!
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  • fermi
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    lou756 wrote: »
    please does anyone know for sure whether the Insolvency Register entries show up via internet search engines like Google if asearch is done using a name?

    In theory they shouldn't do. Same goes for the London Gazette for BRs.

    There are supposed to be systems in place that stop the entries being automatically index by search engine 'bots' such as Google.

    BUT, the search engine companies are continually changing the design/behaviour of these 'webbots' to index new types of content. That means that the measures in place to stop the IIR/Gazette entries being indexed sometimes fail, and some entries end up being findable via Google etc. Doesn't happen often, but it does and has happened.

    If you should find your details then get in touch with the query/complaint email address/phone number for the IIR, and they will normally get things sorted so that it at least isn't seen when the 'bot' next comes by.
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  • lou756
    lou756 Posts: 31 Forumite
    Thanks for your replies.

    Yes I have Googled my former surname, and no I couldn't find anything despite going through the first 60 pages or so. The things I find myself doing at 2 in the morning! Then I worried that it may show up at some point in the future and that perhaps it hasn't now only because my register entry is still so new.

    I do realise I'm probably panicking over a very small chance/ risk but it is quite a big monster in my head because of my previous situation.

    Thanks again to everyone here for all your help and support.
  • Charco_2
    Charco_2 Posts: 1,677 Forumite
    I realise it's not a nice situation Lou, but your internet is the same as the Monster's... if your name aint coming up on your searches, it aint coming up on his!
    Would you ask the wolves to look after the sheep?
    CCCS funded by banks
  • lou756
    lou756 Posts: 31 Forumite
    Cheers Charco, you are very right.... I just have to get my very addled brain to believe this piece of logical thinking :o....
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