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Drain outside blocked



  • Well thankfully I googled this problem and it suggested this forum which I obviously a member,lot's of great ideas,so off I go to the dirty work LOL
  • ormusormus Forumite
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    Thewlis wrote: »
    I had a similar problem outside and just wanted to make a quick suggestion. If you can't borrow drain rods from anyone (optimum money saving) grab a couple of bamboo sticks from your local DIY or garden centre. This will set you back about 35p - although you may need 2-3 for stubborn blockages. They bend nicely and have enough strength to manipulate most blockages.

    Another tip from when mine was blocked up recently, rather than phone up Dyno Rod and pay £150 upward, try and clear as much water as you can. Rubber gloves, bin bag around your arm and dip an old jar down the drain (only works outside) and see if you can regularly clear the excess. In meantime, join something like Homeserve via Quidco (£40 cadhback against a £90 policy). They won't come out to pre-existing problems but if you can 'fool' them by regularly clearing the excess water, you ought to get away with calling them out - although it may mean clearing the excess for up to 3-4 weeks - longer the better - to make sure they think it's a genuinely new situation. Beats a professional drain cleaner hands down!

    where i come from, we call that fraud.
    Get some gorm.
  • alex14alex14 Forumite
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    If you need a cheap solution, caustic soda will do. However, if you really want a sure solution for the problem, you truly need to call for a plumbing professional.
  • Icey77Icey77 Forumite
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    whatamess wrote: »
    My kitchen sink drain blocks on a reqular basis, must be the way it runs.
    My tip would be (which works for my drain) use a mop as a plunger. I now keep a mop head for that specific purpose.

    Thankyou for this tip, it has just saved me £80 to all out a drainage company!!!!!

    The old mop head had missed being thrown out too and now has served one last service and now awaits the bin men in the morning :)
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  • Mr_TedMr_Ted Forumite
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    A difference between a drain and a gulley has to be determined in most cases like this!
    The Water authority will usually only be responsible for drains, that is usually determined as a sewage or foul water drain, and usually only from the manhole for the property to the main sewers, particularly in older properties.
    Mostly what is discussed on this post is about gulleys, the open drain from the house that connects to the main drain through the manhole chamber and into the sewers system.
    The wastes from the house, sink, bath, washbasins, washing machine, dishwasher in older properties discharge into a gulley.
    The WC connects directly to the drain and into the sewer.
    In modern properties all of the above, MAY, connect directly into the drains.

    Gulleys are usually determined as the responsibility of the occupant, as its they who determine what goes down the wastes and into the gulley that may cause a problem, and as a gulley is open to the atmosphere and has good access.

    So its basically its down to the occupant to be more vigilant as to what goes down, fat and oils should be disposed of via waste collections, (large amounts of cooking oil can be put into old plastic bottles to save a mess?) and excess use of washing powder can be a problem that causes blocked gulleys also!

    If you DONT use vigilance, then its get your hands dirty time, or put em in your pocket, probably!
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  • nostrawaggusnostrawaggus Forumite
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    moggins wrote: »
    If your house was built before 1900 then your water board are liable for blocked drains. I found this out a couple of months ago when our drains blocked and I couldn't unblock them no matter what I did. Someone on this site kindly told me all about this strange little loophole.

    anyone know any more about this 'loophole'. We constantly have blocked soak away drain issues outside the front and our property was built around 1860.
  • Every drainage problem is different. And unless you are speaking to a professional drainage engineer please dont take advise from idiotic people telling you to place foreign objects into a drain line to clear a blockage. Such as adapted bottles.

    Advise like placing a cut down drinks bottle into a foul drain line is rediculous advise. If any object like this goes through and gets stuck in a line you are going to end up with very expensive problems to remedy. hence the reason you came on here to find a cost effective soloution. THIS IS NOT IT!
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