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New - Dryer broken again, 4th time in 2 years.

So there we are,

Saturday Morning, put the washing into the dryer and it fails to turn. Lift all the washing out and it starts to turn. Put something small in and build up so that it keeps turning.

5 mins later, BANG, dryer no longer turns & no electrics in the house.

A quick call to Domestic & General (the warranty people from Comet), and they authorise the claim. Back onto Comet and they cant fit us in till Tuesday.

So we have clothes in the dryer (wet), clothes in the washer (wet), clothes next to the washer to be washed.

So far in the past 2 years its broken down -

1st - Trips electrics off (water being blown onto heater element)
2nd - Water pump fails to work, water all over floor
3rd - Empty Water LED fails to work, never know when to empty water
4th - Dryer fails to turn & went pop.

So once again, we have to travel to parents house to dry the clothes again.

Surely by now, i should be able to reject this thing.

The dryer is a Hotpoint CTD00 Condensor Dryer, and receives 1.5 / 5 on the review site.

Some reviews - Review 1, Review 2

I spoke to comet about laundrette fee's etc for drying the clothes, surely now they are liable for this as they sold me this damn thing.

Not good..



  • rosekitten
    rosekitten Posts: 1,812 Forumite
    I dont think its under any kind of garaunttee
    with comet think there may be a 5 year parts warrenty
    with Hotpoint.Personaly I think you are checking money
    down into a deep pit if you consider repairing this

    If this were me I would dump it and move on,
    get a Bosch,Meile or siimilar.or even try one of those
    places that take in stuff and refurb it and sell it on.

    there are just some things that for what ever reason
    chose not to work or will play up no end,this is one of
    them for you as irksome as this is this is never going to
    work out for you,dont worry most have had a similar thing
    at some time,its knowing where to draw the line.
  • worried_jim
    worried_jim Posts: 11,631 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    I've has the same probs previously and replaced it with the cheapest dryer form tesco for £65 approx. 3 years later and it's never missed a beat.

    something similar-
  • paddypaws101
    I agree totally. Bin it and get another, it is not worth the hassle and can be replaced pretty cheaply.
  • 2boysmum
    2boysmum Posts: 392 Forumite
    I too have this dryer and have had nothing but problems with it, mine has broken 5 times, no heat, leaking, the last time it was the belt that went and my dh ended up buying a part and repairing it himself as our warranty has ran out. If anything else goes wrong with ours it is going in the bin as its just one thing after another with it.
  • Alias_Omega
    Alias_Omega Posts: 7,912 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    Hi all,

    The drier is covered under warranty.

    Today i came home it was still not working, so i borrowed the fuse out of the toaster, and hey presto it spun into life. I took the top off it as it was making a noise being on empty, and appears to not be spinning central. Its kicking heat out, so ive just loaded 2 wet towels into it and see how it goes. The lid is back on it.

    Im going to load it up once the washer has finished, and see how it runs, with the view to put the old fuse back into it for the engineer coming out. I'll let him diagnose that its not running.

    The annoying thing is that the squeek has stopped, so its probably worn that bit of metal away.

    The company said that if its beyond economical repair, they will replace it. But at the minute its running ok, and something that maybe i could of fixed myself out of warranty.

    I cant simply scrap it, as its free for the engineer to come out as we paid domestic & general the £40 to cover it a few years back.

    I guess we have had our money's worth. Its a shame it takes so long to dry the clothes. We plan to take it with us on our overseas move, so cant really see us needed to use it during the summer months, just over winter..
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