MSE News: Queen's Speech: national reclaiming body to be set up

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"The Queen has today announced measures to improve financial education and establish a national reclaiming body as part of legislation in the Financial Services Bill ..."


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    LOL, MSE Guy as many commentators have said. They have announced many things but they are unlikely to actually succeed in implementing these things because they will not be in power to do so. General Election is June 2010 and Labour are unlikely to be the party in power. Have the Conservatives commented on this part of the speech yet?
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  • I hope this goes through. It sounds brilliant. Which ever party chooses to support this idea will get my vote in the next election, that's for sure!
    It's great to see the Queen and Government sticking up for consumers and put measures in to stop financial service companies ripping people off. Here here!
  • yes this is very good to hear but when will this be set up. I will make sure my MP moves this forward.
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