Meeting Loved one returning home from Afghan


I was wondering if somone would be able to help me. I would like to meet my partner when he comes home from the plane with our little girl but I don't know how. We don't live on base and I have kept away as to be honest I have this fear of them so have only been outside to drop him off. My partner won't be expecting to see us there (due to my fear) so I want to surprise him and I don't want to let him down when everyone elses loved ones are there. Please can someone tell me how I go about getting to meet him?

Many thanks
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    First of all you should be so proud of your OH!

    I think it would be worth contacting the base to see what your options are; as I bet there are loads of family members who don't live on the base who will go to meet loved ones.

    Laura x
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    Do you know any other wives/partners?
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    Is he coming back as part of a unit move or just by himself ? Normally the flights are into Brize Norton, however with unit moves they can be to the local (ish) airport. If it is Brize contact them and ask what the proceedure is. You will probably just need to turn up with some photographic ID - passport or driving licence. I am sure they will have a proceedure as many people will want to do the same thing.
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    Hi Lornz,

    When he departed to go to Afgan, did you drop him off at Brize Norton, or did he travel from his home unit.

    I ask this, as he maybe thinking that he will arrive at Brize, walk outside and get on the waiting bus/car to take him back to his unit, where upon arrival they will be met with wife's/partners.

    If you want to pick him up from Brize, then you may have to let him know so he can make arrangements from that end for the car/bus not to collect him. Otherwise he may arrive in the uk, and a car/bus will be waiting for him to take him back.

    Another option is for him, if he is travelling as a formed unit on a bus, is to either get dropped off outside the main gate, or to walk from the terminal (10min walk).

    To let you gain access onto camp, he may have to fill in a visitors performa, which usually require to be completed before outbound travel.

    Let us know how you get on,

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    Contact his unit families officer or the Hive & they'll be able to help you.If you dont know the number,if you phone his camp's guardroom they'll give you it.
    Or try this forum for Forces Families-
    If he's not a matlot or brown job,try here-
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    probably best to speak to your welfare office x
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    I would speak to the welfare, they usually organise the coming home stuff for the families.

    It may be that all the families are meeting them in the mess rather than travelling to wherever they are getting flown into.x
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    Many Thanks for all your help. He was taken on a bus to Brize Norton I think so I will talk to the welfare people and see what I can do. You have all been a great help, thank you :-)

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  • Hi
    Just wanted to add that when my hubby came back from iraq a couple of years ago it was the end of the tour and the whole unit came back on buses coz they had their rifles etc. with them. It was arranged by the welfare people that family would meet them off the buses on camp.
    When he came home for R&R however I picked him up directly from the airport as he didn't have his kit with him. Would definately recommend getting in touch with the welfare office although to be honest even if you don't generally have anything to do with the army they should be in contact with you regarding the homecoming porcedure (i would have thought anyway!)
    Hope you and your little girl have a fantastic time with hubby back!!
    Sam x
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    The likelihood is that if he has a weapon with him he will have to be picked up officially from Brize to his unit and hand the weapon back. If you are friendly with any other wives they may be able to help you.

    I know what you mean about going onto camp past the armed guards being a bit scary - but you do get used to i t- honest!!
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