'Are you cutting back on Christmas?' poll discussion

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Poll between 10-16 Nov 2009:

Are you cutting back on Christmas?

For many it’s been a tough year; the economy's ropey and there've been job losses galore, but on the other hand some have had their mortgage costs drop to unprecedented levels.

How will it affect your Christmas (or other winter festival)?

A. Cutting back totally: Spending virtually nothing - 9% (970 votes)
B. Major cut backs: Plan to spend less than half of last year's budget - 32% (3529 votes)
C. Small economies: Going to cut the trimmings but not much more - 29% (3133 votes)
D. No change - 21% (2282 votes)
E. Small increase: Things are a little better, I'll spend a touch more - 4% (381 votes)
F. Big boost: We’re planning to push the boat out this year - 2% (187 votes)
G. I never do Christmas. - 4% (387 votes)

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    We're managing a small increase this year as my fiance has moved in so the bills are more spread out we have a little extra to ourselves. Also I have a 7 week old baby who we're splashing out on (silly really as she's so young but she could do with clothes and learning toys, that will last the year not just for now).
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  • CissiCissi Forumite
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    We bought a house this summer (were renting for the past few years) and we're definitely watching the pennies more. We don't normally spend huge amounts on presents anyway, mainly buy for the children, but we'll be cutting back on the trimmings, nights out etc. The last few years we've treated ourselves to a goose, but with all my family coming :eek: we'll have to go back to turkey this year.
  • rosalie-lavenderrosalie-lavender Forumite
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    Mine is about the same as usual. I spread the cost through the year and have managed to pick up a lot of bargains this year. We don't really go overboard anyway.
  • I am always on the lookout for a great bargain and never buy a christmas present full price! But this year I will have to cut back a lot!!! some will just have to do without a present at all.
    I Like buying people presents, but how frustrating is it to buy a present for each member of a family of 5 and then get a box of chocolates back???:confused:
  • MozetteMozette Forumite
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    I never spend a lot on xmas any year. This year won't be any different. I buy something nice for people I like, and have a nice meal & bottle of wine. The general orgy of overspending and overconsumption leaves me cold.
  • I am cutting back still try and make it a good Christmas
  • luxor4tluxor4t Forumite
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    I bought the bulk of my gifts in the january sales, likewise cards & gift wrap.

    This year I'm cutting back by:
    - saving up in an interest bearing account rather than the office 'interest goes to charity' scheme. (I've found extra gifts for the raffle (from Boots 75% off stash) to even out the fund raising)
    - watching out for special offers more efficiently (sausagemeat, biscuits, sweets, cake & pudding already stored away)
    - making sure OH posts MIL's gifts in good time for second class post rather than last minute first class.
    I can cook and sew, make flowers grow.
  • My family are cutting RIGHT back this year too.

    It will be just the christmas dinner to look forward to. The old days I guess.

    It's a good thing though, debt free before luxury.
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  • E. For the first time in years, I am giving proper cards (not just texts, ecards and facebook messages) out, although I bought these at about 50p a pack in this year's January sales, and also small gifts for 6 friends, even though these come to under £3 each.
  • Yes, definately cutting back this year. I'm not making or buying a traditional Christmas cake this year - the cost of dried fruit is sky high, baking it for 3 hours, feeding with brandy etc, it's fantastic but do we really need it - instead I'm opting for a cheaper cake which I will make myself.

    Incidently - for the past four years, I have not been shopping(for food) in January! - This is the time of year that I use everything up in the house, it's amazing how easy it is... try it. Not even bread and milk!!!
    Use up all those fruit and herb teas in the back of the cupboard - fruit juice tastes nice on cereal, can't do without bread? - make your own, get going with a sourdough recipe and you only need a few ingredients for a lovely loaf.

    Want a head start - ask the family to buy you a food hamper for xmas!
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