Having just bought a new house I now need to carpet it. i don't intend moving from here for at least 20 years or so, so when buying things I'm trying to juggle value for money against good quality. Also, what I can afford!!!

I need about 120 sq meters of carpet and seen some nice stuff in carpet right (supertwist) its £24.99 sqm but they have 60% off (as always). Any idea wheere I can get this grade of carpet cheaper, or any ideas where to get the best quality for the best price.

I am thinking that its probably better to get a very good quality underlay and then a medium quality carpet, or is my think wrong???

Many thanks.


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    Don't buy the underlay, gripper, etc from carpetwrong, they're a huge rip-off.

    Buy heavier grade carpet and underlay for the hall, stairs and landing and anywhere that gets a lot of traffic.

    Don't spend a lot on bedrooms unless you want to keep the same carpet forever lol.

    Feltback carpet doesn't need underlay though you can use it if you want.

    Check the gripper that's already there, you might not need to replace it.

    Go to a few independants first, the overall price will be cheaper and they're more likely to haggle with you.

    Can't think of anything else at the mo :D
  • Cheers Troo

    The underlay I was thinking of getting is the tredaire red, on line is about £4.50-£5 sqm.

    Did wonder if Carpetwrong :D would discount further for over 120 sqm of carpet???

    I got the same carpet for my last place and liked it, so just wondered whether it is called anything else or if I can go to the manufacturer direct??
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    Where in the country are you as there are factory shops etc that may do a good deal?
    The best bargains are priceless!!!!!!!!!! :T :T :T
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    I don't know about the tredaire red - is that the name of it? I don't think they make red anymore :confused:

    Ball and Young's Cloud Nine Cirrus underlay is £3.50 - £4.50 psm ideal for lighter use areas but still decent.

    Ball and Young's Cloud Nine Cumulus is £5 - £6 suitable for any use areas.

    There are loads of names for carpets and the colours - eg the colour will be 'midnight blue' in one shop and 'dark blue' in another even though it's exactly the same :rolleyes:

    Mr troo's not here at the mo, I'll ask him and get back to you, he's the expert, not me :D
  • Rebob wrote:
    Where in the country are you as there are factory shops etc that may do a good deal?
    Hi Rebob

    I'm in Warrington, Cheshire
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    Rebob :T I completely forgot about factory shops :o

    Wolfman if you can remember who makes the carpet that'll be a massive help (Brintons, Axminster etc)
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    As you're in Warrington I can recommend Birchwood/Culcheth carpets and M6 carpets (at Haydock). Much better deal overall than the national chains.
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    Carpetright are just unbelievable !!! £24.99 per sq.mtr !!! are they living on Cloud Cuckoo land ? and thats with 60% off ?

    We bought some superb Cloud 9 Cumulus from www.wilsons-carpet-underlays.co.uk for around £2.50 per sq.mtr. It feels like your walking on air, you'd be hard pushed to find a better underlay.

    I've just had a quick look, they also sell the Tredaire Colours Red for £51.99 a roll excl. VAT - looks pretty decent stuff, but never had it, so i can't say.

    A friend of mine bought some underlay, and i was really annoyed he paid £12.99 per sq,mtr for the underlay - for some cheap nasty rubber underlay. I mean, thats more than the carpet !?!?

    In terms of getting a carpet, certainly try the local carpet shops & shop around... they'll all want your business, so try haggling them

    Hope this helps
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