Urgent help please

We are covered by "Barclays" against various maladies through some scheme.

For the last few months a small pipe that connects to the water cylinder has been slowly dripping - nothing major ( we just collected it in an old ice cream tub 5 -10 mm total), but we thought we'd see to it via BArclays.

They sent out a plumber from HomeSOS who arrived at our house at 10:15 PM. He spent 45 minutes wrestling with a bolt on the pipe and gave up. He said he could replace the pipe but he would need to drain the entire water system and that could take a few hours.
It was gone 11pm by this time so we asked if someone could be sent out the next day as we had work - he said no worries - he'd give the company an update when the office opened at 9 the next day and they'd call to arrange a suitable time for an engineer to come and do the work.

The next day - no call - but on his way down stairs my son notice water building up on the plaster below the airing cupboard where the cylinder is. On checking, the plaster was wet. Over the next few days it continued to build until the plaster began to fall off the ceiling on the stairs, directly under the cylinder. We called Barclays and explained the new situation and they aranged another engineer who arrived Yesterday ( 2nd november).

He had a look, drained the whole system, took various bits of pipework off and told me that the cylindar was split and would need to be replaced. Whilst he was here, water started to drip quite quickly from the wet plaster below to cylinder, soaking the carpet. We had to put 3 bowls down to catch the water.
He said that he would get onto the office 1st thing in the morning to get a new cylinder and pipework fitted. He also told us that although we would have no hot water - we would have cold water and therefore would be able to use the shower and the toilet. He was here for about 4 hours total and left about 5:30pm.

When he left, we realised that we had no water at all upstairs, which is where our single bathroom/toilet is. This morning we waited for them to call - then we called Barclays to chase and at 13:00 HomeSOS called us to say that they didn't deal with replacement cyliders and that there was nothing further they could do. They mentioned something to do with not having the work done when the first engineer came.

I explained that we originally called because we had a small drip from a small pipe. The first engineer came at 22:15, could not undo the bolt but ASKED us if we wanted him to drain the system. We asked if it could be done the next day given the time and he said yes.

Even then we had to chase to get another engineer - and that was becasue the plaster was wet. When the 2nd engineer came, he drained the system, RUINED the landing carpet by not using any carpet protector (Black stains all over from the pipes he removed), told us the cylider was split and left us with a dripping ceiling and no water to the bathroom.

HomeSOS are ringing back shortly to se what they can do.

Where do we stand here?

It seems to me that if the cylinder was split, it was caused by the first engineer using a huge wrench trying to move the bolt on the small pipe. As I said, we had NONE of these issues before the 1st engineer came.

Now we have no hot water anywhere, no cold water to the only bathroom, small holes in the ceiling plaster with water dripping quickly through, a wet carpet under these new leaks and a ruined carpet on the landing. And now HomeSOS say they cannot replace the cylinder.




    TEDDYRUKSPIN Posts: 1,528 Forumite
    First thing, first! You must have some form of buildings insurance? Correct? Maybe contents insurance?

    Once again, never rely fully on so called barclays addition accounts. etcetc.

    Anyway, what you do, do, is send a complaint letter to the company in question.

    Make sure you type out everything in fine detail. The name of the first person, what they said, time etc.

    The next day etc.

    What you did not have. What damage was caused etc.

    Then ask for compensation and repair!

    They will respond to you as quick as 5 working day.

    Remember to send the complaint letter using recorded delivery!
    Motto: 'If you don't ask, you don't get!!'

    Remember to say thank you to people who help you out!

    Also, thank you to people who help me out.
  • benblack
    Thanks for the reply.

    We have seperate buildings and contents insurance but they won't deal with me as it isn't in my name so we have to wait until later tonight.

    My concern right now is that we have no water through the taps or to the toilet, and leaking water coming through the ceilings.
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