Mixed wash

What's the most effective way to run a mixed wash? I have a large capacity machine and a family, and need to mix laundry constantly. I am using colour catchers, but the whites don't stay white that long.

Is there a more effective way of doing this? I'm thinking the washing liquid I use, Persil small and mighty, may be part of the problem but don't know which liquid to change to if I ditch it.

Thanks all, the web seems to be a nightmare on this and my machine even has a 'mix and wash' programme but I'm still getting problems on clothing.


  • planetclaire70
    You won't want to hear it, but the only fail-safe way to stop colour bleeding is not to do a mixed wash! Other than that, the only solution I can think of is to go for the lowest temperature possible.
  • TomsMom
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    With a family I'm guessing quite a bit of washing each week. What I do is separate my colours into light and dark. Pale to mid colours go together with white undies and washed at 40 degrees. Then darker colours, jeans, trousers, OH's dark pants and socks go together at 40 degrees. This leaves sheets - enough for a separate load on their own so don't need to mix. Same with towels, enough for a separate load. Could you group your washing this way?

    If you go to Washerhelp website click on the section on "detergents and liquids in the washing machine" and have a read. I've never used liquid, simply because I've always been happy with powder and powder tends to be cheaper. That article mentions that liquids do not contain bleaching agents which could explain why your whites aren't staying white.

    I read a Which report a while ago which compared washing powders and liquids, not sure but I think Aerial came out best. You could check it out at your library. However, I've used Daz for years (in the red box) and haven't had any problems, my whites are white and my colours haven't faded.
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    I live on my own, but I still colour group wash loads.

    I never mix whites and coloured, and I don't have a problem making up a load (I do have white bedding, towels, and underwear though, so it isn't difficult).

    Apart from that I tend to wash towels together - if there is room I may throw in T-shirts of the same colour or other colour fast cottons, though normally towels take up a full load anyway.

    Jeans usually go in a wash on their own, or with black cotton clothes (I wash all dark colours inside out).

    I do sometimes mix colours if they are all synthetics on a cool wash, but only if they have been washed a few times and I am sure the colour won't run.

    Apart from that, I wear a lot of blues and purples so it is easy for me to wait until I have a load of similar colours and then just put them through together.
    I'm a retired employment solicitor. Hopefully some of my comments might be useful, but they are only my opinion and not intended as legal advice.
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