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Glass cover for hot ceramic hob

I've just moved to a house with a ceramic hob, which I've never used before. So far, I'm not liking the fact that the hob stays so hot for so long after use, especially as there's no really clear visual indication which hob is hot. In addition to the likelihood of me absent mindedly burning myself, I also have a cat who's frankly a bit daft and is likely to walk across the hob at some point.

So I've been searching for some sort of heat resistant lid/cover that can go over the hob so that no-one can accidentally burn themselves. And I can't find one.

I've found this sort of thing which I thought was perfect, until I read the part where it states it can't be used over hot hobs. Every one I've found online so far can support hot pans but is not suitable to go over a hot hob.

Does anyone know of a similar product that can go over hot ceramic hobs, as a protector?

Thank you very much!


  • andrew-b
    andrew-b Posts: 2,413 Forumite
    First Anniversary
    I'd replace with either an induction hob or a standard gas hob. Sorry not particularly helpful ...but having had to take OH to A&E with burnt fingers after touching decorative hob covers on a standard electric hob where the ring was unknowingly turned on i wouldn't have any such hob and would strongly advise against any covers for ceramic hobs of any sort.

    In the meantime ban your moggy from the kitchen when the hob has been used (not that i think it should be climbing on the hob anytime!!..fried moggy anyone?)
  • Tizzi
    Tizzi Posts: 47 Forumite
    If I had the money, I'd certainly be replacing the hob as I much preferred my old gas one!

    As that's sadly not an option, and as the catflap is in the kitchen so the cat is in and out of the house via the kitchen as and when he chooses, I thought a glass cover might be the way to go. I'd be able to see through it if I'd left a hob on by mistake (glowing red) and there'd be some protection against accidental burns from the cooling hobs once they're switched off...
  • mellymeep
    mellymeep Posts: 617 Forumite
    I seem to be all about exploding glass at the minute, but a few years ago my auntie had a hob like yours with a glass cover, she put it down whilst the rings were still hot after our Christmas lunch and we heard an explosion in the kitchen, it had shattered to bits because of the heat.

    So yeah, I don't think any glass is heat resistant for it to be able to be placed on top of a hot plate.
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  • Tizzi
    Tizzi Posts: 47 Forumite
    I've only just managed to get back online (grrr @ BT), but I think with tales of scorched fingers and exploding glass, I'll give the idea of a hob cover a miss!

    Thanks for your help. :)
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