Incorrect Charges made to Egg Credit card

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I could do with some advice about the best way to get get some incorrect charges to my credit card refunded.
Due to a problem Egg was having I have been unable to access my credit card statement for some time, recently they managed to fix this problem. When I checked my credit card statement I noticed one company (TGV europe a train booking company) had incorrectly charged my credit card 3 times due to a technical problem on their website payment system.

Basically the payment failed twice and I was sent two emails saying "payment failure", on the third time it succeeded. However, I've now discovered that my egg card was charged three times. Which means I was overcharged in total about £118. (2x £59). These charges were made to my card on the 15th September.

I have been in contact with TGV Europe by email and they now want me to write to their belgium office which is a little frustrating. I suspect knowing the french way of dealing with these kind of issues, after a month they may send me a letter back asking me for more information.

My question is, what is my best/quickest/easiest option? Should I try to chase up the incorrect charges with Egg? (What are my chances?) Also is there a time limit to dispute these charge with Egg, if I spend time trying to sort it out by writing to TGV's belgium office will I lose the opportunity to dispute it with Egg?

Any advice most welcome. FYI, although they incorrectly charge my card three times I only received one set of tickets, I didn't receive tickets for the payment attempts that appeared to fail.


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    Your first port of call should always be the retailer - even if they are abroad (your choice when buying).
    Only if they do nothing will Egg get involved.

    It may be worth your while contacting Egg to see if you can dispute the 2 rogue transactions and ask them whether you have to pay for them now (to avoid paying interest if you clear the balance every month) or wait for the refunds to come through.
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