So angry! Lady gaga @ glasgow

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I am actually so mad at ticketmaster and ticketsoup right now. Their whole service towards the purchase of tickets is a disgrace!

I was up and online to buy standing tickets for gaga at 9am - which went on sale at 8.57! So buy 9am when I tried for tickets all were sold out :@

Now I look on ebay and people have like 20 for sale at £80 each when they were £35!

So dissapointed and mad :@


  • Yep. Having failed to get my daughter Paramore tickets, I don't have particularly charitable feelings towards the resale parasites either.
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    Don't you know - they advise the public that the lines will open at 9am and give the touts the scoop that actually the will open earlier. Gives the touts all the opportunity they need to fleece the general public. Exactly what I've com e to expect from both ticketmaster and ticket soup.
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    it is worth logging on earlier, there is often a bit of difference between what time you think it is, what time it really is and most importantly what time ticketmasters servers think it is!
  • OstinatoOstinato Forumite
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    I know but it still irritates me so much lol Now I will need to pay double the flipping price!
  • It annoys me even more when you look on ebay at tickets, and they're selling at loads more than face value, and the listing says SOLD OUT when they're still on general sale :mad: I thought companies had some sort of 'only ** per customer' policy to stop that from happening?
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    I agree- it would be so simple to bar ticket touts or limit them- even things like tieing your credit card to your ticket number, verification on entry, or limiting a few tickets per person or seeing/investigating which tickets went on ebay and banning people or similar who sold them- why can't it be a police offence to do this? its in the interest of fairness and many other companies have laws against unfairness such as supermarkets price fixing. You'd think the amount of money venders must make they'd put a little more leg work into catching the greedy *******s!
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    Hello Ostinato

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    Ostinato wrote: »
    I know but it still irritates me so much lol Now I will need to pay double the flipping price!

    If you're brave enough wait till a week or so before the show and then you will be much more likely to get them face value or less. If people buy them at ridiculous prices then the touts will just get worse.
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    Touts make my blood boil, I think they should limit the amount of tickets purchased per customer.

    Imagine the furore when Michel Jackson tickets were sold by touts at ridiculous prices, There was no chance of getting ALL your money you paid back for them.
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    Scarlet Mist can be good for this type of thing Non-touts reselling tickets for what they paid for them (face value + booking fee) or less.

    Use normal caution, as with all these things, of course.
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