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Housing Association and a cat?

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Pets & Pet Care
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tigs78tigs78 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Pets & Pet Care

I am in the process of getting a property from a housing association. So far on any of the forms I have filled in it has not asked whether I have any pets.

I am due to view the property next week and from there sign a tenancy agreement but the thing is I have a cat and am worried in case the agreement says no pets. I would never give up my cat so that really is not an option.

What I was wondering was if anybody had any experience of housing associations. Do they generally say no pets? If they have a 'no pet' policy what would happen if they found out that I did indeed have a cat? I anticipate staying at this property fairly long term and would of course have all carpets professionally cleaned before I left, she doesn't scratch carpets or anything so there would be no damage caused. This is the agreement that I have with my current private landlord.

I am scared that if there is a no pet policy and I ask permission to have a pet they will turn me down, at least if I said nothing there is a chance they would not find out and we can live happily ever after!

Any thoughts greatly appreciated...


  • flangflang Forumite
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    Usually pets are allowed however if its a flat (in my case) there not
  • tigs78tigs78 Forumite
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    Yes, it is a flat. She is an OAP and although she went out in her younger days she doesn't bother anymore so from that point of view it is not a problem.

    Does anybody know if housing associations do inspections? My current private landlord does an inspection every three months.
  • I've lived in flats and houses, both privately rented and housing association and council (phew), never had a problem with bringing my cat.

    My brother lives in a 0ne bedroom council flat with 2 cats, and no probs there either.

    I think as long as you ain't got hundreds of pets and you look after the cat well and it's not gonna be a problem to the neighbours ect.. then they turn a blind eye. Dogs in a flat maybe different, not really ethical either.

    I think it'll be ok not to declare *cough cough* your cat *cough cough*

    ie I never declared my cat, and I've had repairmen and council officials visit my home for one reason or another, and nothing has been said.

    No to inspections. never ever had one. Neither has anyone else I know. I think the only time they'd bother you, is if they received loadsa complaints ect.
  • tkblueyondertkblueyonder Forumite
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    My Wife works for housing association and has done for a few years now she thinks it wouldnt be a problem at all unless your cat made it uncomfoortable for others, you do say you cat doesnt go out so hey presto go for it i would say!!!!
  • tigs78tigs78 Forumite
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    Thanks for all your replies....

    That's really put my mind at rest.
  • Hey no worries mate.. don't want you to loose your cat for no reason. I couldn't bear to give up my cat, she's been with me for 14 yrs, and she's no trouble at all.
  • tee_pee_2tee_pee_2 Forumite
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    it is usually regarding dogs, in the Council we do not allow dogs in high rose flats. But not sure it if is a law /health and safety/ or just our policy.

    it is also in our tenancy agreement to ensure pets are kept under control and not roaming the streets, but again this applies to dogs as you can't really stop a cat doing anything.
  • chugalugchugalug Forumite
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    I agree with everyone else. I've got 2 cats in a maisonette and they are no problem. When I moved in there was a section on the form asking about pets so I was honest. No-one's ever said anything though.

    I think you'll find HA is different from private renting in a lot of ways. Its basically your home - you don't have inspections and you don't have to move unless you break your tenancy agreement. Enjoy!
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  • I think the problem with dogs is other tenants complaing about barking ect. + if it's a large dog, i suppose they can make more noise and damage to the property than smaller dogs.
  • Penny-Pincher!!Penny-Pincher!! Forumite
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    We've been with a HA for 5 years. Our first property was in a flat and we had to get rid of our beloved westie "Meg", it was heart breaking, but we it was either get rid of the dof or loose the property, and we had a young there was no choice!

    Generally, HA's dont mind pets in houses but flats you are very very limited.

    Also, if you go ahead with the HA and they find you have a pet and you have signed your tenancy agreeing that you havent, then you have gone against T&C's and could be asked evicted from the property.

    I would be honest and up front! Our HA does a property check every 6 months or so. You also need to be careful that no neighbours grass you up.

    Good luck

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