How to transfer a previous year’s Cash ISA when I have maxed my 2009-10 ISA?

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I have a stocks & shares ISA 09-10 at the over-50’s limit of £10,200. Meanwhile I’m trying to sort out my C&G Cash ISA from 02-03 (~ £12k) which has a negligible rate of interest. I have tried several new providers who accept transfer of a previous year’s Cash ISA (eg C&G themselves, Abbey, F’Direct) but all seem to require new money to open the new account before I can transfer in the old balance. I can't legally do this as I already have this year's maximum sum.

Is the only option to wait until next April, or are there good providers out there who will accept a previous year's Cash ISA without a new subscription?

Sorry if this has been asked & answered previously. Any advice will be much appreciated.


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    Most providers that accept ISA transfers do not require new money - e.g. transfers to First Direct's e-ISA have been made, by posters on these boards, with no new money being subscribed.
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    Thinking about it, I have transferred previous tax years' ISA funds several times and, unless I chose to subscribe the applicable tax year's allowance to the new ISA, I have never *had* to do so in order to facilitate the transfer. The transferred funds invariably exceed any minimum opening balance required by a new provider.
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    Only one I can remember doing as a transfer-only was Kent Reliance** - variable one not too hot, but they have a 1 year fix at 3.2%.

    **This was a few years ago, so best to check with them first.
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