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Hot Air Balloon Flights for this Summer?

I am hoping to book a flight for my parents and would like to know if anyone can recommend a cheapish flight for 2 this summer (June, July or August).

I know there are a few companies doing flights but not sure what they are all like.

It has to be in the Yorkshire area, preferably East Yorkshire.

Many thanks


  • vansboyvansboy Forumite
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    Use even though I'm not Mr Bransons biggest fan!!

    You'll get 1st class service & a VERY enjoyable experience - whilst knowing the company are going to have proper back up & insurance!!

    The cheapest way to get a flight, is probably no use to you - simply call them up on the day you want to go & get a cancellation for HUGE savings!!

    Otherwise, best register interest with them & see what offers come your way!!

    Have fun!!


    PS The extra fun bit, is getting the air out of the baloon & packing it up after you land - I'M SERIOUS!!
  • Got one of these for my mums 50th a few weeks ago, £180 per person, it was a Boots Gift Experience. Dont know any cheaper Im afraid
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  • I bought my wife one as a pressie once and it took off from Skipton Castle. She loved it. The company was Airborn Adventures. There's also one from Sheffield if you put" balloon flights" into Google.
  • Best thing to do (and cheapest) is look in the yellow pages or google for the nearest balloon ride operator in the area you want to fly in.

    There are a lot of smaller operators around who will only fly 3-4 people at a go, the larger operators can take opver 12 per flight, so more impersonal.

    They can then tell you directly what they can do and when. People like Red Letter Day only act as an agency and take a cut.
  • Cat72Cat72 Forumite
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    I have some suggestions and a small word of caution so here goes. Debenhams have a 10% off RED letter days events which should include balloon events either collect tokens in daily mail or put code PPKP in at checkout on internet. Dont know the full price but this finishes 6th march. Or Iwantoneofthose has a champagne balloon flight for 2 at £295 and here are some codes that might work for a discount - MEGA20 for 20% off or for only £10 off FEBOFF03 to be put in at checkout.

    BUT I bought one of thse about a year and a half ago from virgin but it turned into a bit of a disaster and we had to get a refund. So im afraid I have a bit of advice that is to DEFINATELY make sure whatever tickets you buy are refundable if you cant get to go. Due to winds etc we had to rebook 12 times ( prob be worse in certain areas) and never managed to get up.We always had to wait till the day before to phone up and find out if the flight was still on. This turned into a total pain and very disapointing for everyone.We had the tickets for a year but when i wanted a refund I was told that dispite paying £155 each ( from the virgin website) the tickets i bought were non refundable -even though it was virgin who keeped cancelling.Neverless I got a refund but it tarnished the whole thing.Virgin do a discount on line as well.
  • fishhawksfishhawks Forumite
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    I flew with Blue Sky Balloons who are based near Knaresborough, they were very professional. The trip was amazing and well worth the money for such a great experience
    Waddle you do eh?
  • If you get yourself down to an Allders store (closing down), you can bag yourself 50% Red Letter Day experiences. You can get a one person balloon flight for £100 or do as I did and buy 2 packs !!

    Ken Livingstone is my mother
  • I had a full day in a ballon, but I must say that it had it's up's and down's
  • loobs40loobs40 Forumite
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    I bought 2 balloon flights from Alders in Watford yesterday with the 50% off, but there were not many left.
  • twins_2_Betwins_2_Be Forumite
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    Anyone hear of any special offers recently on balloon flights? My wife has 14 month old twins and needs a break.
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