window glazing film - easy to fit? and any good?

Hi there,

I rent a very old (Victorian) ground floor flat in a converted semi. The landlord is a total skinflint - after the old lady who lived here before us nearly died of hyporthermia, he fitted a double glazed window in the bedroom and living room - but not in the kitchen and bathroom out the back! The windows there are very big, with thin glass, old fashioned metal frames and those funny little metal handles half way up each pane. The kitchen and bathroom are both freezing in winter, we had ice on the inside of the windows in February.

Out of desperation, and on a tight budget, I'm thinking of sticking up some window film to get us through this winter (and hopefully save a few £££s on the horrendous heating bills). I am a total amateur at this sort of thing, so I'm trying to find out if it is relatively cheap, quick and easy to do, and also whether it's worth the effort. Does window film really make much of a difference?



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    Here is a report on insulating window film (albeit US site), it might prove useful:

    Personally, I don't think you can beat a thick pair of curtains (lined with a blanket if possible), although I appreciate these might not be practical for bathrooms and kitchens.
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  • Hi there,

    thanks for the reply! have checked out the site you recommended, and it looks like it might be worth a go. Curtains would get mouldy v quickly, and I think if I go to a DIY shop and get a window film kit it'll work out cheaper anyway. Even if it means I can go into my kitchen in January without my coat on, it'll be worth it :-)
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    I use it in my place - I'm not sure how much it keeps the heat in, but I've found it makes a big difference in keeping out draughts. The stuff I put up a few years ago has just developed a big hole, and it may be all in the mind, but I'm sure I can feel the wind whistling round my feet.
    I just got some more from Wilkinsons (our B&Q don't stock it). £5-6 for a 6 sq m pack, but I know they do a larger size which might work out more economical if you've got lots to do.
    It's also very easy to apply. I've got 2 left thumbs, so if I can do it anyone can. Once it's up though, you're not going to be able to open the window. Is that going to be an issue for you?
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  • Will second the draughts improvement. I have a 10foot bay window. In the winter, the effect of the air being cooled by the cold glass was enough to make a considerable draught blow/to the side of the curtains (you'd thing a window was ajar). I put the film on each section & draught pretty much stopped.

    Yes, the window still feels cold, but it's not having as much of a cooling effect on the rest of the room, so there is a definite improvement. It may not last a year (I had some shrink a little more & come away at the corner), but worth it on the extra comfort it provides.

    Clean the windows & frames first, take your time, and it should go well. Oh, I'd recommend you allow some excess film in the height & width; it means if you're not entirely straight (either sticking it on, or with the cutting) you don't get to the bottom and find the edge doesn't reach the frame :rolleyes:
  • hi all,

    thanks so much for the advice. We went to Wickes and got some film a couple of weeks ago. We had a bit of hassle fitting it (it was like an episode of Blue Peter for a couple of hours!), but it's making a difference already. It looks a bit messy round the edges as we didn't trim the excess very well, but I'm not bothered.

    Normally at this time of year we'd have had condensation running down the kitchen window and pooling on the sill, but since we put the film up, we've had no problems at all. It's been so cold in the kitchen, that I'm not bothered about being able to open the windows, so it's working out really well. And we've got loads left over so this weekend's project is to sort the bathroom out as well!

    thanks again :-)
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    hi, sorry to high jack someones thread, but ive just brought some of the double glazing film, do you fit it on to the glass or on to the frame? its got tape whicch you secure it on with and then heat it with a hair dryer.

    i have old metal windows which open 1/2 way down. they have been growing mold and dripping with condensation.
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