Egg Money negative cash back with positive balance?

I have searched this forum for similar items but failed to find anything, so here goes: Last month, I used my Egg Money account for stoozing and had therefore a positive balance before transferring to a savings account. When transferring, I called customer service and they say I should not go into negative balance when transferring because I would then incur interest. I asked specifically about penalties in case of positive balance and been told that I would not receive interest (I knew that) and would simply not receive a direct debit request until I spend it all and get back into negative balance. In the end, I decided to leave a fair amount which would cover the next month spending.
I've just received my last statement, and was a bit surprised that for the month I was in positive balance, my cash back was actually taken off the "cash back balance" rather than added (cash back -£23). Now, I might have missed something in the important card changes we received but I don't remember seeing anything about cash back and they have not told me on the phone either. So, it's either a system glitch or a disguised positive balance penalty!
I sent them a secure messsage so might have a reply in a few days, but in the mean time, has someone experienced the same thing?
Many Thanks


  • sickersicker Forumite
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    Did you perhaps transfer £2300 to your savings account which MAY have credited you (wrongly) with £23 which they have reclaimed on your next statement?
  • MilarkyMilarky Forumite
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    You shouldn't be able to lose 'legitimate' cashback already earned in this way. So just point out their mistake and don't try the same trick again..

    At the moment I have -£30 cashback on my account (from last year's adjustment) so I'm not using the card. I'm wondering if the cashback balance will go to '£0' come next March and I can start using it again.
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  • gowgowukgowgowuk Forumite
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    You are right! I feel silly not to have noticed (and to have written to EGG)...
  • YorkshireBoyYorkshireBoy Forumite
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    Milarky wrote: »
    At the moment I have -£30 cashback on my account (from last year's adjustment) so I'm not using the card.
    You're lucky Milarky! I started out this year with a large 3-figure -ve cashback figure, and I'm HAVING to use this card because the only other slow-stooz card I have is maxed out!

    Just waiting for my credit file to settle down before trying for an 'Extras' card from Halifax.

    OP, there's plenty of discussion on the stoozing site forums regarding this -ve cashback issue, so a quick search should turn up something.
  • sickersicker Forumite
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    I got £xx cash back on phone call transfer back to current account so I am just waiting (with fingeres crossed) to see my next statement, possibly expecting a recall.
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