'Should you be allowed to sell your organs?' poll results/discussion

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    zygurat789 wrote: »
    The problem is not with the selling, it's with the buying.
    Should the rich be able to exploit the poor? (as always)
    The poor would still have the option not to sell and be in the same situation as they are now. The only difference would be that they would have the option to sell if their pinciples allowed.
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    Would banks insist on organ sales in a bankruptcy / IVA case? It would be an 'asset'. Would people borrow money on the security of their tissue?

    Law of unintended consequences applies here I think.
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    Don't agree with the idea of selling organs for money - to save the life of a loved one or relative/someone close to you, yes donate for free - but to pay off a credit card? No way. What happens once the organ is sold - does it change the pattern of behaviour that might've contributed to the debt? What happens if the debt builds up again? What happens if illness develops as a result of the loss of the organ as has been asked already? At what point does the State say - sorry, you made your choice, live with the consequences? The morality of it is highly questionable; what about elderly relatives and relatives who see an opportunity to make a tidy sum out of 'encouraging' the sale of 'unwanted' organs possessed by the infirm or bedridden?

    It makes you shudder to think.
  • highest bidder wins. YOU should be able to decide what to sell.
    there are too many people who need kidneys etc.
    I would love to live till 65 without ill health, but its not going to happen
    ( with CLOSE relatives having heart trouble/diabetes/cancer etc etc)
    having the OPTION to sell is the way to go.
    also the debate on prisoners/!!!!!'s/drug dealers etc etc being forced to sell should cut crime i think.
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    aliasojo wrote: »
    I agree. Only way this could (or should) work is if the seller signed a legally binding agreement that medical help would not be sought if any issues directly related to the sold organ arose. So if someone sold their kidney and then went on to develop kidney failure themselves ... tough.

    I would think that might put most people off from going down this route?

    I think people should be allowed to do whatever the heck they want to their own bodies as long as no-one else picks up the tab either at the time, or at a later date.

    you've completely misunderstod the whole ethos of the NHS which is to treat everyone, in an equal way, regardless of their circumstances. you can't start putting conditions on it. the NHS already treats people whose conditions come about as a direct result of smoking/alcohol and drug misuse, and the results of botched cosmetic surgery, all entered into voluntarily. where would you draw the line?

    in addition, medicine is extremely complex, you can't say that if someone sells their kidney and then goes on to develop failure in the other one, tough - they may have ended up in the exact same position if they'd kept the other kidney - plenty of people with 2 kidneys go into failure.

    the private selling of organs should remain banned - it's fraught with ethical problems and the possibiliity of abuse. did anyone see the episode of diagnosis murder where homeless people were being murdered for their organs for private sale???!!!
  • no, no and no!

    donate after death, yes, sell in life or death no!

    the 'it's only the person that will have to live with the consequences' idea holds little substance - won't the NHS and wider society have to pay?? (either through less organs being available through donation, medical complications or illicit dealing of organs by - ahem- less reputable people. if they'll dump radioactive waste in the sea they will certainly think nothing of drugging you, grabbing a kidney and selling it on the now open market).
  • I'd sell mine to pay for my funeral costs. I don't think I'd get rid of anything while I was alive.

    Why not give people the option? If they don't want to sell, they don't have to, and if they do want to sell, they can. Whether or not I choose to sell has no bearing whatsoever on whether my neighbour chooses to sell.

    I don't see why the Government (or anybody else for that matter) should have the right to decide what I do with my own body.
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    No, I'd be upset to do that to people. Anyone would sell their organs out of desperation and that alternative shouldn't be there in a wealthy society. In my eyes it is a sin to live off someone after making them feel the discomfort, pain and not to mention risk and then the rest of their lives of little or no quality. Whilst you're elimiating queues in the organ markets, you're also putting lots and lots of otherwise totally healthy people who have sold their vital organs into long term and continued health care, bearing in mind it is poor people from poor socio economic backgrounds who would wish to sell organs. Also I have a reservation on living off others just as living off animals, no life/quality of life is precious than another even if we like to un/classify and believe otherwise.
  • The argument against selling organs, whilst alive, seems irrefutable, to me, in terms of the rich scavenging the poor and the NHS, tidying up later problems.
    Post mortem donation has other issues.
    As I recall, our Government was selling NHS blood Stocks to a New York facility, until the BSE scare.
    I would not trust my Government with organ donation and do not accept the principle of opting out: There would be too much of an incentive for an official blind eye, where someone deemed important had a need for an organ that a pleb would soon have no use for.
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