'Should you be allowed to sell your organs?' poll results/discussion

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    organ donation should be mandatory AFTER death .
    "Do not regret growing older, it's a privilege denied to many"
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    Sorry to say, but it looks as though some people are already selling organs on e-bay!

    Just copy this item number and paste to the search field on e-bay: 280409962835
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  • It should be legal, this would save countless lives.

    If you donate an organ you're heralded as a hero, if you donate one for money then you're a criminal? That's inconsistent.

    Treat adults as adults, by the way poor people aren't all stupid peons!
  • this should always stay banned. I waited 6 years for a kidney transplant and dont think they should be sold just coz people who need them can afford them !
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    SailorSam wrote: »
    I know this has been debated before and some don't agree but once you're dead, any organs should just be taken unless you've previously said you're against it.
    And we all know what will happen if the status quo for organ donations is changed from an opt in system to an opt out one: this country will !!!! it up entirely, like they always do.

    We are talking about UK Transplant here which is, iirc, a private sector-style company attached to the NHS (like the Blood Transfusion Service).
    Always ask yourself one question: What would Gibbs do?

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  • And who would decide the "fixed price" ?

    Why not ebay it - set a minimum price if you want to and then take the highest bidder at the time - if that's what someone would pay, that's what it is worth, if you don't like the price, cancel the sale and wait.

    I once read a real-life story about a woman who sold her artificial removable jaw for £35 on ebay in order to afford her son's birthday present.
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    rsharp wrote: »
    Sorry to say, but it looks as though some people are already selling organs on e-bay!

    Just copy this item number and paste to the search field on e-bay: 280409962835

    Doh! You had me good and proper! :rotfl:
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    lamp wrote: »
    Donate out of the goodness of your heart.

    Who is realistically going to do that though, taking into account the risks involved. Giving blood is one thing, giving up an organ is something completely different, and it comes with many complications. I doubt anyone would give an organ up to anyone but a loved one.

    You do raise a good point though. If organs fetched a price, we'd have people being attacked and waking up in a bath post surgery. For this reason alone I think it should be illegal.
  • I believe you should be paid for everything- organs, blood, sperm, eggs, hair... you name it. It's their bodies, their choice.
    This is my opinion. There are many others like it but this is mine
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  • dawsar wrote: »
    If you put yourself in the shoes of a sick person that is either going to die or need a lifetime of health support and you had the choice to buy an organ to get better, tell my you wouldn't consider it, whatever the cost?

    The day we allow self butchering of ourselves for monetary gain, is not a place I would welcome.
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