Cheap prices for over 60s

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I heard something ,when I was driving the otherday, about if there is anyone in ahouse over 60 they can get cheaper gas and electricity. Many thanks Madeline


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    Do you know how?

    (and is that a house over 60 or a person?)
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    STAYWARM is the 'use as much as you like' Gas & Electric deal it was originally lauched by TXU.  
    (TXU has since been taken over by EON using their Powergen brand)
    (EON purchased Powergen previously)

    You have heard the good news of use as much as you like, the bad points are that it's based on the property size, and no. of occupants.  The other bad point is the increases that have occoured year on year.

    The biggest fear I have is that lots of pensioners will ignore basic energy efficiency and before long be too dependant on this un-metered source.  Why ?  Because they will then be vunerable to price increases and the return to meter services if this pricing option is not continued by the latest owners.

    Look at what is currently used and what might be needed to be used.  Then if she will gain then great, even in the short term gain will be good, just be aware of the negatives

    [move] ::)[/move]

    p.s. can someone send me a private mail and show me how to do a link from one topic to another part of a topic. (rather than cut and pasting) ???

    p.p.s I am pretty sure that this only applies to people over 60, and not to the properties over 60 :P
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    I tried to join my parents to Staywarm only to find they had lots of conditions they dont advertise including if you have a small pond and small pump!. After having a n power rep pretending not to be and getting them to switch companies before they knew it. (Actually they only found out when they got a sorry your leaving us letter from Britist gas) they are far from happy with the whole system! They live in Welwyn Garden City, any recommendations? :-[
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    I'd ditto Martin's advice and recommend u get one of the independent switching services (Simply Energy, Uswitch etc.) to handle the whole thing. I recently looked into Staywarm myself, but found it's prices to be more expensive anyway!

    Hope that helps,
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    swapped my in laws off StayWarm this yr- increases too great-

    estimate £8pm saving on meter- even based on last yrs unmetered usage
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    Staywarm is no longer the cheapest so don't be taken in. Two years ago when we first signed up it was £35 per month. It is now going to be £59 a month from May. There is only my husband and myself in a small 3 bed semi. They're not giving you anything for nothing. you still have to pay £59 a month even in the summer when you don't use much. Am at present looking for somewhere cheaper. Has anyone found a cheaper company. Please help. ???

    A.Jones, Liverpool.
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    I've just punched in my postcode to staywarm and they are£13 more per mth than i'm paying at present.I am thinking of changing from present supplier,bg, and the best i can see at the moment is Telecom plus,even with their mthly fee of £1.76.Why do i hesitate.
    Val :)
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    Be a little bit careful.
    Telecom Plus have put up their rate today.

    Make sure you have the right prices.

    Having said that they may very well still be the cheapest.
  • Have been with staywarm 10 months and thought I would have a look at other supplier's prices as you sign a one year agreement.
    I have read my gas and electricity meters each month and have divided units used by 10 then multiplied by 12 to give as real a figure as I can for a year.
    Used uswitch and found annual for gas and electricity with Powergen on line duel fuel £474.23 compared with staywarm £60.82 per month thats £729.84 that's a massive £255.61 more.
    I'm going to do the sums again as this seems a huge difference. ???
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    I have just helped a couple and 3 of their neighbours apply to switch over from Powergen Staywarm to TelecomPlus.

    The recent article in the Daily Mail (27th March) outlined the large rise in Staywarm monthly rates due shortly and how many Pensioners have been tricked.

    Lord F
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