BMIBaby credit Card Failure to get free flight

I wonder if I am alone ?

I have had a BMIBaby credit card for 2 years and spend the required amount to get a "free" flight. No problem first year, second year flight due June 2009 and they sent me a code but it was the same one as in the first year so it didn't work as it had already been used.

6 phone calls to citifinancial (at premium rates of course) - time and time again told they would get BMIBaby to send a proper code but no code arrives.

2 letters to BMI Baby - neither answered.

So no progress in the 4 months since June

Then today I get a letter saying Citifinancial are withdrawing the BMIBaby credit card so where does that leave me ?

What a con. Clearly BMIBaby offered a free flight with a certain level of spend which I met and they have failed to deliver - who do I take it up with ? trading standards? FSA ? small claims court ? all of the above?

Ideas welcome

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