burglar alarm code

If I move into a house with a burglar alarm, and dont know the code, is there anyway I can over-ride or reset it myself?

(im guessing its not that easy, as burglars would do it would'nt they!!:o)

Im assuming I would have to get someone out from a burglar alarm company, but worried it would cost lots!


  • borders_dude
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    Could you ask the previous occupant for the instructions? that might help.

    Or you could phone the manufacturer?

    My house alarm has a code I use and a second code that the engineer uses which allows him into more settings.

    I rather think a qualified engineer will know how to change the code for you, if he cant then it would just be a case of changing over the control panel, which wouldnt be that expensive.
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  • Jaffa.
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    What modle of burglar alarm is it? On most of them you can just reset the NVM

    p.s. a burglar alarm company wont touch a DIY alarm ;)
  • ariba10
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    Find out the make of the system and see if you can get the basic instructions.

    With some alarms if you disrupt the power supply and disconnect the battery it will eventually revert to factory set conditions.

    You are then back to what it was when installing and you can set your own code.

    It will probably trip the siren when you start so be prepared for some noise for up to about 20 Min's.

    Have done as above successfully on a Veritas alarm on two separate occasions.
    I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure.
  • lindos90
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    Could you ask the previous occupant for the instructions? that might help.

    If we could we would, communication with the current owner is frostly to say the least, so im anticipating that it is highly unlikely that they will provide the code, even if they do give a code I bet it will be the wrong one!!

    Just wanting to be prepaired, as I have no experience of burglar alarms at all.

    My friend moved into a house and had a similar problem, as the seller had moved out that morning and set the alarm, having not provided a code! So when my friend opened the door with the removals van on the doorstep it went off!!!:eek:

    She called the company who installed it, (there was a sticker on the wall control) who quoted her £200 for a call out, before they even did any work on it to reset it. After 30mins of panic, embarassment and noise, her husband found the power supply and pulled the wires....now its unusable!

    Im trying to plan ahead and avoid such a problem, thanks for the replies, I will try and find out the make and model, and see whats possible.
  • ormus
    ormus Posts: 42,714 Forumite
    you can buy a new wireless alarm for 99/200 quid. so dont pay anyone over the odds for a service or tech help.

    some alarms reset to the default, if you disconnect the mains and the battery inside.
    there may also be a watch battery inside too, for the memory. or there maybe a reset button.
    Get some gorm.
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