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Sky HD offer from Tesco - what a joke

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Smeg77Smeg77 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in TV MoneySaving
Ok I've already been a Sky subscriber for quite some time, and so already have a multiroom sub.

I decided to buy a new TV from Tesco as they were doing the 'Free' Sky+ HD box.

Now I've just spent the past 50min on the phone to Sky CS getting no-where.

Because I'm an existing customer and already have a multi-room deal I'm not entitled to the free HD box, unless I take out another Multi-room offer.

After a few choice words I was told that I could have the box for free as long as I paid £60 to have it installed.

I told them I didn't need it installed, as Sky was already installed at the house, and I'm quite capable of unplugging some cables and putting them back in again.

They said nope have to pay the £60.

So basically, the T&C's on the offer just say if you're an existing customer then all you need to do is agree to take Multi-room, nothing there about having to take out a second MR if you all ready have it.

So to anyone who already has Sky with MR don't bother trying to get a free HD box from Tesco, shop around get your TV cheaper elsewhere, and find a cheap Sky HD box from someone else.

Wondering if I should cancel my Subs to sky see if that will help move things along, I'm sure losing approx £1500 year would upset them, especially as I have two accounts and BB.

Just get VM they're not the best but I still get some HD channels smile.gif


  • sambasamba Forumite
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    I know it's not free, but £60 is not a bad price for a Sky HD box imho - the last I looked they were £299 or something like that. Considering you pay £1500/year, I think £60 is peanuts. Out of interest, what do you watch on Sky that is worth paying so much money for?
  • jb66jb66 Forumite
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    Threaten to leave, see what retentions will do for you
  • jb66 wrote: »
    Threaten to leave, see what retentions will do for you

    Last time I told someone to do that they were cut off the following day:rotfl: :rotfl:

    Take the tv back to tesco and explain. [email protected] are doing an astra dish for £40.00 hundreads of channels free.
  • Smeg77Smeg77 Forumite
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    I've managed to get the offer honoured by sending an email to the correct person.

    The cost is based on two accounts, one with multiroom and all channels and BB on one account.

    So if you try hard enough you can get what you want :)

    So Free HD box and No Installation charge, I call that a result, and I didn't need to threaten cancellation.
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