Lack of hot water in block

Just a quick query, are there are rules regarding claiming accommodation money back if you are without hot water for a period of time?

The hot water in my block goes off constantly and repeated trips to work services are really beginning to p*** me off, especially seeing as you have to go down there in person to report anything.

Is it possible, and if so, does it have to have been off for a certain amount of time?




  • 30 days before you can claim anything back, then it not upto you to sort out, a grading board would need to take place, to reassess the condition of the block.

    And if you are on the same station as me :rotfl:I reported BB12 this morning to the RPC help desk, and the water problem should be sorted once and for all when the block is refurbished in 2 months, if you not at the same camp as me - you shouldn't be reporting the matter to work services any more, you or the SNCO the block should phone the RPC helpdesk direct.
  • RPC helpdesk? What's that all about then, can't say i've ever heard of that to be honest!
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    Dont know if you have en-suites or not, but when i was in shared toilets / showers in the block.

    They would tell you to use another block until it was repaired. We were grade 4 at the time so no luck.

    Have you a station commanders forum, maybe bring it up on there.

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  • Lol, mate every singly block has no hot water, unit admin staff should advise/adapt and change your pay in regards to accommodation.

    Ours was off not so long ago, reply was - Dont shower, use gym or we'll go on exercise!!!
  • Is this DST at Leconfield by any chance, The showers are appalling there xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • The rules currently state that you must be without a service (hot water, electricity etc) for 7 days before you are entitled to some sort of refund on accom charges. I know this because I am in 3 year old new SLA which has had the hot water (all water at one point) off 4 times in 4 months and checked. Wonder how much money they spent to get this rubbish standard of accom.
  • we once were without power and hot water for a whole week without any compensation. it's crap but we made the most of it! Kfc most nights!!
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