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out of contract, will they charge me?

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I phoned today to be told my bt vision and broadband were out of contract, if I cancel and have sky, will they charge me for not giving notice?

And how does it work, should I phone and give notice, or if I take up sky will they do it for me?

My line rental still has a year, but afaik you still use BT line with sky


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    Hi snowedunderitall,

    If you are out of contract you will need to obtain a mac code for broadband and the transfer of service to your new provider will be seamless. There is no notice period required for ceasing your BT Vision service however you must cancel the BT Vision yourself by contacting BT. Double check with Sky about the line rental. If you are still in a contract period for your line with BT and Sky take over the entire rental (line and calls) cancellation charges will be raised.

    Many Thanks
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