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Another moan about Sky

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Hey guys,
I know there are quite a few threads on here complaining about Sky one way or another and I did look through them, however none of them seemed to answer my question/problem. It's a bit of a long story so I'll try to keep it as short as possible.
Myself and my girlfriend moved into a new flat in June and decided to go with Sky as they had a good deal for TV, broadband and also phone line installation. My girlfriend talked to one of their street sales people and he filled out a Customer Service checklist. The key info is listed below:
All channels besides sports and movies
Max broadband
Free time calls
New phone line installed
The sales man also wrote on this form "Free line rental for 12 months"
The total monthly amount we would be paying would be £41.25 (not including installation charges which we paid up front).

This checklist was signed by my girlfriend and also by the sales man, it also includes terms and conditions on the back. In my opinion this is a contract.
In July Sky got in contact with us stating that they would infact be charging us £49.50 per month on the basis that they could not honour the free line rental. I replied to this telling them that we had the form that the sales man filled in and that we signed it along with him. Their response was that the amount sales people put down is only an estimate and it can change once their main office processes the above mentioned form and that it is only a checklist and not a contract. In the end they said that the revised amount would be the only subscription they would accept, as you can imagine I feel like they've bent me over a barrel on this one because what is the point in signing a document for them to say that whats written on it basically means nothing.
I've submitted a complaint to the Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman but as of yet they have not replied (only complained yesterday). Is this the course of action I should take? Also, if it is do I have a leg to stand on? I'd prefer not to cancel Sky as it means I will have to look for another conpmany and be without internet for a while which I rely on for my work. You'd think a large company like Sky would be much better at customer service but apparently not.

Thanks for reading all that and any advice would be really appreciated.


  • M4RKMM4RKM Forumite
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    In your opinion it is a contract. In reality it is a checklist.

    Are there terms and conditions on the checklist?
    Did you complain to Sky themsleves, and take it to the highest level of complaints possible (normally the man in charge, Jeremy Darroch). You can normally only complain to the ombudsmen if you've complained all the way to the top.

  • The reason I thought it was a contract was because this is the only thing we've had from Sky that states what our package is and how much it will be each month. We received their standard booklet with terms and conditions of the contract but it has nothing in it about our package or how much we pay each month. It does have terms and conditions on the back of it, yes.
    I did complain to Sky through their complaints procedure on their website and got absolutely nowhere. The reason I sent an enquiry to the ombudsman is because it states on their website that if a company replies to your complaint and they inform you that they have reached their final decision then you can open a complaint. I received an email from Sky stating that it was their final decision which is why I enquired with the ombudsman.
    Thanks for giving me the name of the guy in charge though, I may write to him as I can't get anywhere with the customer service staff.
  • Ah, I just realised who Jeremy Darroch actually is. Maybe it won't be quite as easy as just writing to him. Any suggestions as to how I can escelate my complaint? There seems to be no point in ringing as I was told that you can only complain by filling in a form on their site and sorting it by email
  • Could you not cancel the order, then try it again online?

    I noticed when I joined Sky that if I did it online I would save quite a bit, so cancled by original order and did this.

    Might be worth a shot?
  • Could you not cancel the order, then try it again online?

    I noticed when I joined Sky that if I did it online I would save quite a bit, so cancled by original order and did this.

    Might be worth a shot?

    This wont work as the Sky has already been installed and TE_yorkshire will be without internet. Unfortunatly your best bet is sky customer relations. you can find there mailing address on the website. They should be able to refund the line rental cost on to your account in form of credit. If you have a copy of the pricing and offers given to you by the Sky man in the shopping centre I would mail a copy of that to them with a brief description of what happened. They should reply to you within two weeks. Unfortunately you wont be able to get to them through ringing sky, but they will normally ring you back. If you write in the letter that you would like them to ring you back at a certain time they will try to do that too.
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    I would add that emailing Jeremy Darroch does get you a response from the customer relations team - especially if you write on your email that it's an executive complaint.

    With any luck, I'll finally have my sky system back in full working order by the end of today (i've only been waiting since the 13th July) thanks to sending an email directly to Jeremy Darroch.

    It is the best way to escalate your complaint directly to the 'man at the top' - admittedly, he doesn't personally deal with it, but they are looked at properly without dealing with the customer service teams.
  • Right I think the next course of action is to email those guys then. Thanks for the pointers guys, it's much appreciated.
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