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Set top box - needs to be on all the time?

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rb10rb10 Forumite
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In the instructions for my new Virgin V-Box, it indicates that it should always be switched on at the wall, and left on standby.

Is there any reason why I can't have it off at the wall? It's just that we're always told not to leave things on standby.


  • donnac2558donnac2558 Forumite
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    Virgin send updates to the box every so often, it must be plugged in for this. They usually do it in the early hours.

    You can still turn the box off with the power button on the box.
  • Turn it off at the wall - the box still updates when you turn it back on if the update is required.
  • spike7451spike7451 Forumite
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    One of the reasons for leaving the STB on standby is by turning it off,you are affecting the return path which allows the internet & interactive services to work.
    The signal levels coming from the street cabinet (even more so if it's the smaller,unboosted cabinets) are set on instal by the engineers & by constantly turning off the STB or SACM you can affect the quality of the services you get.
    (I'm an ex-NTL/VM service engineer)
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