October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Well we have overspent this momnth, Octobers total bill has come to £369 having said that, 2 halloween outfits are included in that plus a few bottles of wine/Baileys/beer lol! so I am very happy.

    Next month I want it to be £300 max, now that's going to be a challenge!!!
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    Further to the comments earlier and yesterday about failure I have been doing the GC since October last year and have not once hit the target I set myself. However, I now make much more food from scatch, meal plan and have reduced my spends significantly and I no longer throw out at least one carrier bag of stuff every week like I used to do.:eek::eek:

    Got back in the swing of things this weekend and used up a lot of stuff in the stores to make 6 portions of chilli, ginger cake, choc chip cookies and tomato and parmesan bead in the BM. First time I have used the BM in months!

    Did spend a fiver in the chippy last night as hadn't planned what we were having for tea.:o

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    Hi all,

    Not posted for a while but have popped on for a peek now and then. Been a mad few months. DS1 has gone back to uni but DD2 has returned home with her little boy as she split up with her partner, so lose one and got two!!

    I've tried to keep to my £250 per month and seem to have come in under budget this month according to my record (tho they may be wrong, lol) at £205, so well pleased.My month has now ended and I'm into Nov now so will set £250 again for Nov. Need to get back into meal planning, been a bit rubbish lately - well I paln but then can't be bothered to cook! Need some simpler recipes methinks!

    Anyway enough of my ramblings will try to post more often,

    Jayne x
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    I haven’t had any further GC spends since did the big shop on Thursday & hoping to keep it that way for as long as possible. DD isn’t here this week, so I don’t mind using up bits & bobs & having odd combinations.

    Today I used 750g of pork mince, 750g of beef mince & 200g of soya mince (dry & reconstituted) to cook up a huge batch of mince & onions & then into cottage pie, bolognaise sauce & chilli con carne; so 24 individual meal portions to add to my stocks.

    Tomorrow I am working at home & will make some quiche & pate for lunches. Will also have to reorganise the freezers, again, to try & squeeze everything in!
  • hi all i declared £400 for 5 weeks of october and i am delighted that i came in at 402.22 i know its over but its my first attempt. We were spending £120 a week but im determined not to spend more than £80 so please can i declare £320 for november.
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    I spent lots of money today, but on carpets and thankfully that doesn't come from my GC budget :D

    I'm moving in a couple of weeks; I'll have a huge kitchen plus a store-room, ie loads of room to stockpile toilet rolls :D. I'm buying a new upright freezer and I woke during the night (yes, really, how sad is that! :rolleyes:) with the thought that there's plenty of room so why not keep my small chest freezer as well .... ;)

    My current kitchen is so damp I've had to move all my food to shelves on the landing - mouldy flour anyone? :eek: When I walked into the new kitchen for the first time I cried :o and there are so many drawers and cupboards I'll never be able to find anything again :D

    so no shopping for me at all this week, I'm using up freezer and store cupboard stocks; redoing my meal plans for the next 2 or 3 weeks, might be some strange combinations ;)
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    Aw Rosie--half your luck with the storage! My kitchen permanently looks like one of those aid stations where everything has just been delivered & needs sorting before distribution :o There are plans a-foot to create some new cupboard space but the floor definitely needs seeing to first & of course, the biggest hurdle is having the moola to do it all with :sad:
    My spends look nasty but I can genuinely say--hand on heart--that a significant portion of it was out of my control. Me sista organised a surprise b'day for me muvva & told me what my contribution would be, but as it was a bit last minute I didn't have chance to spread the cost :doh: And I've done a bit more shopping for :rudolf:...Wilkos have their chocolate coins on BOGOF @ 97p.
    It seems as though the boxes of bicarb & borax are no longer available in MrT or Wilko, so has anyone seen them anywhere else please? I'm [hopefully] going to a mid-sized MrA later in the week so could pick some up there...
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    Ninno820 - well done
    Scotsaver - I love HM Indian and Takeaway but the taste between the 2 is vast, yours probably tastes far better!! but the family are just not used to it maybe
    Emma285 - Hi and welcome, check out the recipes on page 1 and please ask any old question, there are lots of really helpful people on here who will give you any help you need, is your budget of £160 for Oct or Nov.

    Budgets done up to and including brokemedic - thanks everyone
    Helen x

    Thanks for welcome. My budget is £160 for October, hoping to reduce it slightly to £140 for Nov :D
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    Please could I join the November GC?
    I've been lurking for a while but still think I'm spending more than I need to!
    I'd like to aim for £200.00 for November please.
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  • rosieben wrote: »
    Thanks elizabunny, yummy soup recipe now in the index :D and also on my meal plan for next week.

    glad to hear you're feeling a little better but please take care of yourself;)

    rosieben Thank you very much. Going to see my GP today as things not too good unfortunately. However, I am certain this will clear up given time, just feeling a bit rattly with all the painkillers etc.

    No cooking today unfortunately, but at least I have some meals all ready just to pop in the oven. Hopefully a NSD as well. Fridge looks a bit bleak though because I still haven't had a proper shop but given some imagination and a few extra bits and bobs I think we can get thru. I will however, and yet again:confused: be over budget this month. Hopeless:o!

    PS rosieben Good luck with the move -how exciting!
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