SKY Warranty Scam - Beware

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Don't know if this is the right section or if this has been posted recently but I would like to warn others of a scam I nearly fell for today.

This morning I had a call from some bloke apparently from sky.
He told me my warranty is up and if I'd like to extent I could do it today. It would be 75 quid for the year. I would not pay any call out charges or any repairs.
He said we would set up a password that only me and the engineer would know for security. I set up a password there and then. Luckily the password is not one I use for any accounts or anything it was totally random just somewhere I had been on holiday.
He then went onto say so how will you be paying and I said visa and I went off to get my card. At this point I thought no no no do not give card details out so I gave an excuse and said I will call you back, he said no I will call you. He said he is going to phone me at 1pm.

Did 1471 and the number was withheld, alarm bells started ringing. During the call he asked me what box and package I was on, I said not sure on package but I have sky+ hd. I thought if he was with sky he would surely know what I have.

Phoned sky straight after and they tell me they have not called me and that it's a scam that is going around.

I can't believe I nearly gave my card details, I thought I was quite a smart person and would never be so stupid to fall for something, so glad I thought twice.



  • we had a call like this last week but as my husband refuses to pay the insurance for sky it wasn't an issue .we had a special offer on the movies and the guy knew what date the offer was finishing for us:confused: we didnt think to much of it as he said he was from sky so it'd be pretty obvious he knew when our offer ended, but my hubby had to ring sky for a different query he mentioned the phone call and was told sky would never ring up asking for insurance so when hubby asked how the guy knew info they didnt know, but as for the number being withheld ours wasn't this is what it was

    just done a search on google and this is what i found
  • I have had a call like that too. I told him I don't have 'insurance' against Sky as if it is faulty I will just stop paying for it! I also explained that I got a new box 3 weeks ago so don't know how he works out that any insurance that I do have would have run out.

    Do people really fall for this???

  • On Friday I received a letter saying I have to renew and if I didn't I would have to pay £170 for a call out alone, then more for repairs. Binned it straight away, it was so full of crap there was absolutely no way sky would send out something of that standard.

    Today I received a phone call, same sort of speech. The guy was so obviously reading from a script saying that my warranty is about to run out and he was calling up to renew it for me. I explained that my box was replaced in March so I have a months of warranty left. He said no problem sorry to bother me.

    Did 1471 and it was a witheld number. Getting a bit fed up of this now.
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    I had a similar call a few weeks ago. The guy claimed to be from Sky but then he asked me to confirm whether I was a Sky customer. I said I would expect him to know this if he was calling from Sky and he gave me some waffle about his computer having crashed during the call so he couldn't see my details.

    When I politely suggested that he was a great big liar he hung up on me.
  • I also just received a call from these morons; luckily my answerphone activated before I could reach the phone in time to deal with them.

    As I'm already registered with the telephone preference service, I'm unsure why they'd be so stupid as to persist with calling. Working on occasion as a consultant to Sky, I'm pretty confident my new details haven't been sold onto some 3rd rate marketing company after only a few weeks of business as a personal customer. Maybe one for the O.F.T?:beer:
  • I had a phone call every day for the past 4 days, and as the persons name its in isnt here at the moment they keep ringing on speaking to him. Thankfully I dailed 1471 got the number 008001218143 up and typed it in Google. I have told the person if they ring not to give there details out what so ever as its a scam!
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  • Been receiving calls from this number, so googled it, found hundreds of comments, and decided to call sky protect (look it up on the sky website directory service). They were really helpful, and said that they would delete the number receiving the calls, and make sure that no one else contacts me via mobile. The guy then said if I receive any more, its definately not them, and to call sky back so they will take further action. So fingers crossed! If more people call them then maybe they'll be a bit quicker with the taking of action...
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    The only company Sky use for extended warrenty is Domestic & General, The Plan Being Called *Sky Protect*
    Anyone else is nothing to do with Sky.
    :heart2: I Hope You Live A Life You're Proud Of, And If You're Not, I Hope You Have The Strength To Start All Over Again :heart2:
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