LSA Levels and Payments Help

Can anyone post me a link to where I'd find details of the level and the rates paid for each level? I've heard that the gap between levels has dropped from 300 to 240 days with effect from April. Hoepfully someone can shed some light on the matter.

Thanks DFi2009
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    1 Apr 09 rates published in the AFPRB’s Thirty Eighth Report dated 2009.


    Daily Rate

    1 Apr 09
    Level 1 (up to 340 days)
    Level 2 (341- 580 days)

    Level 3 (581 – 820 days)

    Level 4 (821 – 1060 days)

    Level 5 (1061 – 1300 days)

    Level 6 (1301 – 1540 days)

    Level 7 (1541 – 1780 days)

    Level 8 (1781 – 2020 days)

    Level 9 (2021 – 2260 days)

    Level 10 (2261 – 2500 days)

    Level 11 (2501 – 2740 days)

    Level 12 (2741 – 2980 days)

    Level 13 (2981 – 3220 days)

    Level 14 (over 3221 days)
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    May I ask an additional question with regards to LSA?

    Hubby has applied for a job for 7 mths in Canada. Now I'm not allowed to get mq's there even though it's for more than 6mths.

    If he gets the job it will be 4 weeks there and 2 weeks home etc etc. Will he still be entitled to LSA and at which rate?

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    Based on they dont stop LSA whilst on R&R from OOA yes, but I would check with the pay office.

    The rate depends on how much he has been away, it is on my pay statement.
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    My OH is the the Auxillary Airforce and went to Afghanstan Sep 2008 and returned Jan 2009. He had 1 weeks R&R in Nov 08 and his LSA was stopped. Is this something they have started this year that they continue to pay.

    Sorry to ask what may seem a stupid question.
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    As far as I know they carry on paying it during R&R - although an admin type would have to confirm it. I'll check.
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    Thanks for that, with him being in the oggies it makes think so difficult. He has been asking them for ages about LSA payments according to days completed but he has had nothing, finally managed to find out that one and then found your post above. Didn't have JPA in my day, just used to go to the clerk with any pay queries and it would be sorted.

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    It appears that LSA is supposed to stop over RnR although in my experience most clerks dont bother. Op Allowance is based on the entire period away in days.

    Hope that helps.

    JPA hasnt helped at all in some respects, but that is a whole new thread!

    The LSA is started and ceased by an HR clerk. On ops this can be a bit over overload as they tend to be thin on the ground and dont always have time (apparently) to action what they should on JPA.
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    Thank you, it does help. At least he got paid it although at the wrong rate, just need to get hm to compile email to HQ and get that sorted.

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