MSE News: Citizens Advice call for Tax Credit write offs

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    I once asked them for the calculation they use to work out if someone had been overpaid. They said there wasnt one, but couldnt explain how they got to the figure.:confused:
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    I applied for working tax credits in 2004 and even telephoned to make sure I was entitled to it the next day after filling the online questionnaire. I did not know at the time that my partner was on contributions based JSA and put in that he was on income based JSA.
    When I telephoned the following day highlighting the mistake, they said its ok you earn too much anyway, you won't get it.

    I then had confirmation in the post with my wage on the notification.

    I telephoned again as soon as I received it and was told no I would not get it.

    They then started paying it into my account and then wrote and told me it would be put into my wages. All the time I telephoned and told them I shouldn't be getting it and highlighting their mistake.
    All the hype said that if its their mistake don't worry about it, so foolishly I spent it.

    I was then told I had to pay it back just over £1,000. The person at overpayments said that even though there was a mistake I knew that and should have kept the money elsewhere and pay it back.

    So I did go by the rules and told them at every stage they made a mistake, even going to a tax office and get them to officially inform them but it still went on and now I have to pay it back.
    Even though they say they are supposed to act on it within 30 days, and its not my fault if they keep paying, I still have to pay it back.
    I did all they say you have to do and fill in the forms, It was rejected, I appealed it was rejected, so the man in the street does not always win. But, at least I am paying it back, I don't want HMRC having me on file as a tax cheat, although technically I am not.
    Sorry for the long first post, I hope to keep it short in future
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