70th Birthday, present & party ideas (merged)

I'd just like to pick some MSE brains out there if I may. My Dad is 70 soon. He's been quite down because there has been a lot of illness in the family lately and I 'd like to do something to cheer him up and make his birthday special. I'm inbetween temping jobs at the moment, so I can't afford anything flash. I'd like to hear of other peoples ideas/experiences that might help me with a plan.
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    There was a similar question to this a while ago, somebody suggested getting lots of little presents one for each year, that seemed a good idea to me. Do you live near enough to your dad to give him a little treat every week or every month, it needn't be anything expensive just something to show you care and it would give him something to look forward to.
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    Put a scrapbook together with family photos etc of his life
    I haven't got one!
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    My dad was 70 this year and is a lifelong Charlton supporter. I found a photo on ebay of the Charlton team from the year he was born and bought a cheap frame for it - he was thrilled.
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    A family party with all his relatives present?

    If you host it in someones house, and get people to help with the buffet, it shouldn't cost much.

    We did a surprise party for my Gran's 80th in the common room of the sheltered accomodation she lives in, and she really enjoyed herself!
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    Thanks for those. I don't actually live near to him, so only see him a handful of times a year. I like the photo idea, although I'm thinking of maybe something else from his birth year. 70 little presents? Hmm, it's usually hard enough to think of just one! 70 pairs of socks? :) I'll have to have a good think.
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    We put a photo album together for my mums 60th.
    It had a "section" for each close family member.
    It included some formal and some informal pictures.
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    My aunt was 70 last year, she doesnt have any children only my and my brother so she looks on us as her kids too. I wanted to throw her a party but she flatly refused, my uncle died in 2000 and i think she would have been too sad that he wasnt there to enjoy it.

    So they whole family went round and we got a big chinese takeaway, huge cake from costco, got all her neighbourhood friends in and just had an open house day with loads of food and drink. Was lovely and she really enjoyed it.

    We bought her (me, DH and DS) a champage glass with 70 on it, a bottle of Harrods Champagne, a brooch from harrods and a 1935 coin. She loved it all and we all had a lovely day.

    Hope your dad has a great day too.
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  • my fathers 70 th is comming up , i always forget his b/days usually but my brother keeps reminding me.

    Anyway what could be a good present for a 70 th , know you can get thepaper for his date of birth but any other suggestionsd

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    An experience day? if he's the type to enjoy it, and of course if his health is up to it, it's a great way to let him know you don't think 70 is old and past it.

    Hot air ballooning is wonderful, non strenuous, very serene,
    yes,it's a bit pricey, but depends on how much you want to spend, perhaps the family could club together?
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    How about something he can reminisce over? Perhaps do up a box with some old photos, newspaper clippings etc?

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