Sept 2010-how many €€€€ can I save???

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I have been meaning to start this since my 2nd little one as born in Aug but am only getting round to it now -well 2 under 2 tend to take up a lot of my time these days!

We have planned on selling amd moving in the next 18months so the plan was save as much as possible for deposit and rent out the house we have now..
Then we got told OH has not job after next Sept so we now have a few choices and all involve money!
The most benefical in the long run is him going to Uni for 3yrs and being fully qualified in his line of work -but that is full time so we will need serious savings as we would have to rent somewhere and try and rent our own house out ..esp if uni involves a move to UK for us -we are in Ireland so that would be extra expensive for us-but we will see what the next year brings..

So as of now ever cent we can spare and put aside must be saved either to cover 3yr uni or new house-either way looking at approx 40K-not an easy task as we earn under 35K between us ( he is on trainee pay and I only work from home while minding the kids)

So here we are-pretty much 12 month and right now I have
4K in fixed account until Feb 2010-(cant recall % rate riht now)
Opened new account and so far this has €7500 in it and will hopefully grow a lot more in the coming month

The plan is cut down on every expense that we can so we life off his wage to cover every thing-shopping, mortgage, insurance, car, etc and anything I bring in we save ..

Right now we owe nothing except a mortgage and ever that is being overpaid by 250 euro a month thanks to tracker rate!so we are knocking yrs and interest off it and want to keep this up..

So the plan is
Get as many freebies as I can -
Enter as many competitions as I can and hopefully win a few to cover presents etc needed for the many birthday/xmas etc
Work as much as I can-
Do as much mystery shopping as we can
Breastfeed as long as possible to avoid the expense of formula and to also benefit my little one and hopefully she will be as healthy and strong as her brother and we will have no sickness and no doctor bills-we pay for doctors over here-looking at 40/50 euro a visit plus medicine on top of that -so healthy kids is a must this winter!
Make sure electricity and heating are kept to a minimum
Make as many cheap and cheerful meal as possible-and hit the reduced shelves every shop!
Use money off coupons and hunt down as many as I can ( not as plentiful over here as in UK )

And lastly pray the budget we have here in Dec does not do all that is feared-water and property tax being introduced and childrens' allowance ( similar to UK tax credits I think-we get allowance into bank/cash every month per child) reduced/taxed

So the plan offically kicks in now
Will see how it goes..
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