The 12 week Debt-Life *Achieve something* Plan - WEEK 7

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Ok then

We have 12 weeks (starting today) to try and achieve all those things that are getting you down, hanging over you or need doing in your life. Whether thats pay off a credit card, apply for 10 new jobs or exercise everyday. I know there are a number of us who feel we are drifting along in life and not getting done or achieving things that we have planned.

So what is it you want to have achieved in the next 12 weeks, post it here and we will all try and keep each other on track

roll up roll up!

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  • Hi sallyx I am going to stick to my budget but i always seem to get side tracked so this time I WILL DO IT that is the most important thing at the mo what about you? Rachael
    Hi still have debts to clear :mad: working towards a DFL my family have grown over the last 2 years I very proud to say I now have 3 beautiful Grandchildren :T My DF fight continues :):):):):)
  • sammy115
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    Okay Sally well as you know my goals in twelve weeks are......drum roll.....

    1. To study consistently for 12 weeks for my exams early December
    2. To run consistently for 12 weeks with a view to doing a half marathon
    3. To lose 12lbs in weight........

    So thats me then.....come on you lot.......
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  • sammy115
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    Sally - was wondering....could you amend the title and maybe put week one in and then change it as the weeks go i know where I am up to....:rotfl:
    Quality is doing something right when no one is looking - Henry Ford
  • Toto
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    This is perfect timing for me. In 3 months and 1 day I will be 40 :eek:

    So, before I am 40 I will.

    Lose weight... yes I know this has been the goal which never seems to get done no matter how many challenges I join. But I have a special reason to do it this time. I want to look fabulous at 40 for a photo shoot.

    So, I will lose 2 stones in the next 12 weeks by following weight watchers, cutting out the daily glass or two of wine. Walking to uni when I start in 2 weeks rather than take the car.

    Financially I will clear 3k of credit cards I have. I will do this by cutting back on nonsense spending and Ebaying stuff I don't need.

    That'll do for a start :)
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  • redsquirrel80
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    OK.. deep breath.. mine are:

    1. Pay £500 off debt - (£416 off cards etc and the rest towards overdraft)
    2. Save £500 for holidays/ Christmas/ course I want to do etc
    3. Go to gym class every week
    4. Run at least 3 times a week, aim to get up to 10 miles for my weekly long run
    5. Do something constructive (apart from work!) every day

    I have been spending a bit too much lately so the money ones are gonna be hard!
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  • I'd like to have paid off my A&L debt, and my Next debt :)
    Personal Loan: Start: £22020:eek: Now: £18800 :j

    Credit Card: £600

    Overdraft: £500
  • Ooh and my college course, and saved a bit of money too!
    Personal Loan: Start: £22020:eek: Now: £18800 :j

    Credit Card: £600

    Overdraft: £500
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    Hi sallyx

    Brilliant idea!! My 12 week plan is to:

    1. Pay £1200 off debt (which will get me down to the last £400!)
    2. Pay for next March's holiday (including spending money)
    3. Buy all Christmas presents
    4. Lose that pesky ½ stone I have been trying to lose for ages

    I think that's enough to be going on with!
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    Please can I join in?

    I want to:

    Lose 12lbs

    Pay off my credit card (approx £400 I think)

    Increase longest run distance to 10 miles :eek:

    And I am also going to stay single - no active man-hunting whatsoever (although if Ewan McGregor turns up on the doorstep with a bottle of wine, I reserve the right to bin this last one :)).
    "I wasn't wrong, I just wasn't right enough."
  • Ames
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    Ooh I like this!

    My goals (I'll probably think of more or better ones later so it's subject to change):

    1. Lose weight - I'll aim for 12lbs.
    2. Keep up with my health courses/support workers etc.
    3. Start writing again - I want the first draft of my book finished by the end of the 12 weeks.
    4. Stick to my budget.
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