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Emerald card???

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phoebe03catphoebe03cat Forumite
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Can anyone tell me what this is please and whether it is worth having for 55 yr olds?? Only stumbled across it when trying to book a travel inn. Has anyone used it for this pls? Any info appreciated. Thanks


  • WhitefiverWhitefiver Forumite
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    My Father had one of those - but I thought they were for 60+ only (but I may stand corrected on that).

    If I recall there was a special menu, and a discount.


  • phoebe03catphoebe03cat Forumite
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    Thanks, well travel inn told me they were for 50+ and referred me to the hepldesk which is not open until Monday. You never know there may be something for the 50+. Will post if I find out anything useful.
  • moonrakerzmoonrakerz Forumite
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    I've had one for some years, still use it on occasions. Used to give you 20% off Travel Inn at weekends, though I think they have changed their definition of "weekend" recently. Also a discount at Beefeaters. I think the age for one is 50.
    Used it last year for two rooms, one for self/OH and another for an American visitor - gave us discount on both rooms.
  • phoebe03catphoebe03cat Forumite
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    Thanks for that. Rang today and got latest information. The age is now 55 and they have just stopped issuing any new cards. The lady kindly let me join as I had been given genuinely incorrect information from two separate people at travel Inns. Am very greatful for her help.....she asked me to spread the word that the lists are now CLOSED until reopened by Whitbread. Thanks very much to all posters, just scraped in!
  • cranhillcranhill Forumite
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    Hi, I used to have one, it was a very good discount card to have. I applied for one when I 50 although it is meant for over 60 year olds. You had a special menu at the Whitbread Pub chain where you could have a two course lunch for around £5.00.
  • Can you still get these? I've tried looking online for my grandmother as she said her friend had one. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Or is there anything similar instead that I could suggest to her?
  • cranhillcranhill Forumite
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    I am not too sure now as I have moved house and there are no Whitread Pubs around here. I seem to remember that they sold the chain and the card is no longer available.
  • Emerald Club helpline is or was:
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