Just been on a minibreak and over spent feel so ashamed.



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  • You went on holiday. You had a good time. It cost you slightly more. Think about what you have saved and will save through this site. By the sound of it it may be the last chance you get to have a holiday for a short while so relax and forget about the extra spend, the whole thing would have probably cost you that much more without your hard work in researching the whole thing anyway!
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  • Dont be down - it happens to the best of us. Just see this as a lesson learnt..sometimes we have to make mistakes so that we wont repeat them again in future.
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    I did exactly the same thing the other week, though my trip overspend was a lot more than £40. You could set yourself a goal to 'pay it back' in, trying to save the odd pound here and there.

    And think positively, you know you overspent - I bet before lbm you wouldn't even have had a budget, and if you did you'd have been thinking 'oh it's only £40, so what'. So see it as a sign of how far you've come!
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    Nobody said that we have to live like paupers or hermits whilst we are paying off our debts.
    And anyone who does think that way is a fool.
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  • cheers guys, been so busy this week so haven't had time to come online, but on the brightside I have just done my "virtual shopping list" on sainsburys online and by switching to basics for all but a couple of things my shopping for about 2 weeks is £60 and thats including some beer (only cheap muck but I dont go out!) so happy there! Thanks for all your kind words guys!

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    Long term CC debt £0

    Total low rate loan debt £3000

    Almost debt free feeling, priceless.

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    I've also done the same, overspent on my holiday, but I had a fabulous time & have lots of happy memories! Anyway, I've taken some inspiration from the idea of setting myself a challenge to "pay it back"!!:j Thanks everyone!
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  • I had a few day's in Blackpool and it was really good and my son loved jumping on and off the trams. What i would say is remember how you feel now about the over spend an in the future when you are considering spend over your budget think back to how bad you felt and that may make you think twice. Then at least somthing positive has come out of it.

  • I think that the fact it is bothering you shows how much you have changed so well done for that!x
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    I think you should stop being quite so hard on yourself. Yes, £40 is your travel money for a month, but £150 for a weekend including your train and hotel is very good (in my opinion!). And pre-MSE, I'm sure that if you had allowed £200 for a weekend away, including travel and accommodation, you would not have thought it was excessive... :rolleyes:

    Plus, as you have said, it was your holiday for this year. :D We did something similar last year. We weren't going away on holiday but we had a weekend in Bath (coinciding with my birthday). We stayed in a Premier Inn (not the Central Bath one, but a much cheaper one several miles out of Bath) and got a good deal on the rooms, and printed out lots of vouchers for 2-for-1 deals for entrances to attractions, but we did go to the Pump House for afternoon tea - which was completely extravagant :o, but we really enjoyed it. :beer: It was a real highlight of the weekend, a one-off, and something that made the weekend really special. :D Yes, we "needn't" have done it, and we could have got afternoon tea cheaper elsewhere, but the whole experience was worth it in my opinion! :T

    Put it behind you - you enjoyed it, and it is over now...there is nothing you can do to change it. If you do want to try and re-coup costs, then why not have a cheap dinner once or twice a week (something on toast, or jacket potato and beans, etc). The money you save doing this will re-coup some of the cost over the next month or so. But please don't feel bad - no matter how good we are being on our MSE journey, we all need to have a little release now and then... ;)


    P.S. I hope your fortune teller had good news about the future for you!! :p
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