Need to get my passport Notarised

Hi guys

Filling out a US tax return for my wife and need to get a copy of my passport notarised , rang a local solicitors to get it done and they want £ 60 for it !!!!
Is it just solicitors that can notarise or can other people do it, ie : Policemen, Doctors etc, just want to try to avoid paying the 60 quid, or at least paying that much .



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    My only experience of dealing with a notary in this country is a sworn oath for a friendly society. There was a fixed charge in this case so was not massively expensive (<£20).

    As far as I am aware it has to be a notary(and not all solicitors are notaries- but the solicitor would know) - it isn't equivalent to having the back of your passport signed by a responsible member of society, so you cant use anyone else. You would need to check with the US authorities - you could always email the embassy though not sure if you would get a reply.

    £60 sounds a lot to me though - you might want to check with another solicitor.

    We are quite lucky in this country that we rarely need to get this sort of thing done - latin countries require a notarised copies for a lot more legal/commercial transactions.

    There is a site here that explains what they do and how to find one:
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    Had to do this recently. Went into a local solicitor without an appointment. Cost me £2 a certified copy. I'd say the solicitor you asked was trying it on.
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    We had to have a PoA notorised for a foreign property purchase a few years ago and it wasn't cheap then, though I can't remember the exact cost. As well as rolling up your trouser leg, turning 3 times and swearing you are who you say you are on the Holly Bible the notary has to send the document to the Foreign Office for them to issue a certificate confirming that the notary is genuine. Don't know if that applies to the US, it certainly does to Spain. The FO cert costs a bit [£15-20?] so if that's included in the £60, it may not be a bad price.

    It's nothing like having docs certified or having your passport countersigned by the local Old Bill.
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