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  • Skyhigh wrote:
    I had two 240 page documents bound by a local company on the highstreet for about £2.10 each.
    While I waited, took 10 minutes.

    The big problem with University services tends to be that many people want things binding at once.
    Our course requires 2 copies of documents.
    Theres 200 people on my course.
    Thats 400 documents.
    Often at the end of the year, many people on many courses have documents to bound, theres 20k students, say half have documents, thats 20k documents.
    Therefore we're always told that the Uni has a 'waiting period' of aroudn 2 weeks to bind a document.


    That's the same with my uni. All of the Masters courses finish August/September time so the library binding service will be chocca for about 2 months! My deadline is the 15th August but I have to give 6-10 working days for binding of 4 copies of my thesis. I have to aim for the whole thing to be finished by the end of July.....ARGH!

    I think I'll check out some independant binding uni charges a fortune for binding.
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  • charlie007charlie007 Forumite
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    i have been ringing around today, it is going to cost about 2 pounds from the uni print shop and they said it would take them 5 mins - which is good because i still need to finish it
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  • i had 3 copies bound for £56 :(
    ..but they are hard back with gold print - sweet!
  • DrFluffyDrFluffy Forumite
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    My doctorate cost £25 a copy to get hard bound [cheapest I could find :o ], and I needed 5 copies :eek:
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