September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hi everyone

    Thanks for all your totals - have done them up to and including nykmedia

    Hugs to all who need them - I meant to do various comments but was so busy writing down everyones budgets I forgot - sorry

    CW18 - thanks for the link - sounds lush

    Spent £40 today in MrS and Lid! so should be ok for the end of the month - if we go over it shouldn't be by much and as I hadn't planned for DH to be off work for half the month then I'm quite pleased.

    Helen x
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    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
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    I'm not doen with the September challenge (after buying the Radio Times I have a massive £9.61 left till the end of the month) :p

    Since everyone is posting their October totals though I would like to do the same: since October will be a three-and-a-bit-week-month for me, I would like to go in for....

    £ 225 for October!

    Also could I congratulate notjustlaura -I gather from your signature (is it called a signature???) that you've given up smoking today. All I can say, you are a better woman than me and I take my hats off to you!!! :T

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    freakyogre wrote: »
    23 25 28 41 46 47

    Are these the winning numbers for the next rollover? ;)
  • Botany wrote: »
    Are these the winning numbers for the next rollover? ;)


    You never know!

    I do the lottery online and was just checking the numbers. I didn't want to open notepad so thought i'd use this and clicked post by mistake. I thought i'd deleted it quick enough, but obviously not! :p

    I'll use a good old fashioned pen and paper next time :o
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
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    now i feel sick.............arrr morning sickness needs to go (so i can eat more cake lol)
    emmab2001 wrote: »

    i'm £13.28 over spent but i'm so happy as this was my first month doing this and the month before i spent over £500!!! :eek:
    so still whoop whoop for me!!!:j:T

    Whoop whoop indeed :D Well done on a massive saving!
    SmlSave wrote: »
    Hi everyone

    Looks like we should be under budget this month :) just bought 3 chickens for £8.50 so we def won't run out for a while!

    Where did you buy three chickens for £8.50? Bargaintastic!

    I'm one day into my October budget and have spent £1.50 on coughladyitemscough and £12.99 on Dominos pizza :o It was to celebrate though - I've been under threat of redundancy at work and found out on Tuesday that I got a job after going through the selection process :j

    This weekend I'm off to Costco for cheap mince (£3 off voucher) and Tescos for everything else. I'll pop back and update once that's done.
  • Botany - thanks - will update - Helen x
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
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    The light bulb in DD’s room blew this morning, so had to pop into MrT. Used the last light bulb (free from our local council!) a few days ago in the bathroom.

    Went to the other MrT to yesterday (I have a MrT one mile to the east and also a MrT one mile to the west – I’m surrounded!) and picked up the remaining bits off my list from yesterday that hadn’t been in stock at the first MrT. So that’s upped my initial spend for the month a bit. But still a tenner ahead of last month’s position, so I’m still happy enough.

    I have so much in now! LOL. But DD is with me over the weekend & she is a bottomless pit at the mo. So no doubt she will make inroads into the stocks. Still should be able to stay out of the shops until next week though.
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    Well, I don't really but my first attempts have been disastrous! I did really well until last weekend when I had a couple of unexpected outlays and it was all downhill from there. This week I haven't even kept receipts so I've no idea what I've spent *and* I've been using the credit card which I'd 'promised' myself I wouldn't do.

    Fortunately, the week and the month are nearly over and finding <i>Economy Gastronomy</i> at half-price in ASDA has given me a much-needed boost. So I'm going to draw a line under the past however-many days and just learn my lessons:

    1. I cannot change everything at once.

    2. If I go over budget I still need to keep track..

    3. I need to keep close to this forum.

    So those are the lessons.


    And there's the line.

    :T:T:T So, in what way were your first attempts disastrous? You've learned LOADS and you probably saved money until it all went the way of the pear. Unexpected outlays are unexpected outlays - congratulate yourself that before the weekend you were doing really well - if you hadn't started your OS lifestyle, you would still have had those same unexpected outlays, and they would have been even worse, because you wouldn't have been watching the pennies up to that point.

    Don't knock yourself. October is another month!

    Edited to add: AND you've given up smoking. Way to go, Laura! I gave up smoking for two years when I was "planning" our first baby; gave up again when I found out I was pregnant with the second one - both with NO TROUBLE AT ALL - and then tried and tried and tried to give up smoking when I went back to it again like the idiot I was. Then I thought to myself, when I told myself I could not smoke because I was pregnant or going to be pregnant, I just quit. So I told myself, YOU CANNOT SMOKE ANY MORE. Seven years and counting, woohoo! You just need to convince yourself you're not going to be missing anything.

    And you're going to be SO much better off financially! You go, girl!
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    Did my last shop of September today and have spent £293.26 out of my £280 budget so £13 over, but we are going camping tomorrow (we must be mad) and I spent at least £13 on stuff to take camping so don't feel too bad about going over.
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    Woah! Delcaring at £220 for Sept which was £90 over budget - incl dog food, dog treats and presents which meant it went over by this much - whoops :eek:

    Can you put me down for £200 for Oct?

    I'll try again to get under budget as I managed the last 2 months
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