double glazing hinge repair?


We are looking at buying a house, and all the windows seem fine, except 2 of the upstairs bedrooms, part of each window is badly rusted and stiff.

I don't know the name of the part, it's not the hinge as you would see on a door...the window has two bits that open on each side (so not at top) and they open outwards so the true hinges are at each side, and at the bottom near the windowsill is another hinge type thing made of various bits of metal and this is what is rusted, making the window very stiff to open and close.

Would this be something that could easily/cheaply be replaced or repaired, or should we factor in the cost of replacing these windows?

As yopu can probably tell, I am not DIY minded so hope it's not too dumb a question!!





  • McAzrael
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    Is it a restrictor? Can you post a picture?
  • mrtobs
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    Hi there,
    We've got exactly the same problem at the moment! I'd check first whether the double glazing is still covered by the original guarantee - if it is, you could ask the current owners to sort it out before the sale goes through - you can also have the name on the guarantee transferred over to you (in case its needed in future) - your solicitor should be able to do this.
    We didn't have this option, unfortunately and so are currently trying to find someone who can repair it (yes, if its just the hinge, it should be able to be repaired without replacing the whole window) - had one quote for nearly £100 (for 1 window) from a local double glazing company, which we thought was ridiculous - at the stage now where we're looking to get another quote. One joiner has been to look at it - he hasn't given us a quote yet, but said that he thought replacement hinges (a pair) should be around £30 for that particular window (if that helps you at all?).
    I've noticed there are some companies that specifically do double glazing repairs, but no idea if they're any good or not - be interested to see if anyone's had direct experience of using anything like that!
    Hope this helps a bit??
  • roswell
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    As long as you can open it pour some coke on the rust leave for a minute or 3 then clean off ... re grease once you have cleaned it.
    If it doesnt pay rent sell it.
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  • lelole
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    Hi all, thanks,

    Unfortunately I don't have a picture, maybe a restrictor??

    I don't think that they are still under guarantee - the house was built about 14 years ago, and I think they were original...

    The coke thing sounds interesting!! I remember the penny thing when I was a kid, so I could definitely imagine it working...

    Thank you for this information - it is really helpful...

  • Locknut
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    Rather than making them all sticky with coke, may I suggest some silicone spray lubricant or failing that just some wd40. they are called friction hinges. HTH
  • Wherryman
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    Our local hardware store stocks the friction type window hinges, prices start at about £6 a pair for the smallest size, have a look here for some more general info/photos.
  • lelole
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    Thank you!!! Friction hinges!

    It's good to know that they are replaceable, and also looking at the hardware site, that you can get ones which allow you to oen the windows even wider - we were worried they wouldn't open wide enough to escape from a fire...

    We have made the offer on the house now, so ill see what happenes, thank you all...

    Leah :beer:
  • markie1980
    They normally have a small friction screw on the plastic block that slides up and down the hinge.
    This is adjusted to stop the window 'falling' open.
    Clean all the rust and gunk off, back this screw out, spray some lube on the hinge, work the window open and shut a few times, tighten the screw slowly to the required friction.
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